Being outside in autumn weather is only fun when there actually is a clear-blue sky and when everything is being kissed by that particular autumn sunlight (I sounded a bit cliché there, but hey, you now probably know exactly what I meant, right?). Unfortunately we can’t always be that lucky. Yesterday I went outside for five minutes and it was raining so hard, I gave up and decided to go back in. Blegh, rain, me no gusta! When it’s raining and cold and windy, all I want to do is curl up on the couch, light some candles, drink some tea (or maybe a pumpkin spice latte?) and read a book or watch tv. Yesterday I thought about how I would really like to have a list of fun movies I could watch. Don’t you? ……..

(I’m awful at building suspense)

Ta-da! Consider this a present from me, to you. A list with all of my favorite cheesy movies (all fabricated in the last twenty-five years) in which stereotypes are constantly emphasised and reinstated and Julia Roberts has awsome hair (can you believe that Pretty Woman is already 22 years old?!). On this list are not only movies from the time when J.Lo still had an “acting career”, but it also has some dances movies on it, funny movies and, ok, maybe a few movies for children (I’m sorry but I love The Parent Trap and I STAND BY MY CHOICE). When you’re bored and are in search for a simple but fun to watch movie, this is your list! It’s also perfect for spotting patterns. Apparantly a lot of actresses have succeeded in branding themselves as the “hey I’m fun, cast me in an other stereotypical movie about a very succesful but unhappy in the love-department” woman. (Katherine Heigl, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz… anyone?)

Anyway, here is a list of 35 fun and easy to watch movies (in no particular order), all accompanied with a synopsis written by yours truly.

1. Save the Last Dance

Julia Stiles goes to a new school after her mother dies, feels the odd one out, cries a lot, wears some freaky hairstyles and (of course) dances. This movie also has some cool R&B music and a happy ending.

2. Mean Girls
Lindsay Lohan moves back from Africa to the US and tries to fit in with the american high school life. Miserably fails (at first), then succeeds (well, sort of) and wears a lot of skimpy dresses in the process. This movie is also good for a lot of one-liners which will come in handy in your everyday life. Written by Tina Fey (do I need to say more?).

3. 10 Things I hate about you
Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles battle it out in this Shakespeare inspired movie. Heath is a cutie in this and well, Julia can look really mean, brr.

4. She’s all that
Oh you know, just an other ugly duckling story about a nerdy girl (already drop dead beautiful, no matter how bad they dress her up, because let’s be honest, how ugly can Rachael Leigh Cook really look?), a pretty boy, a bet about prom-night, suddenly some real feelings (uh-oh!) and of course the obligatory dramatic moment that follows. And in the end… well… you know how it ends.

5. How to lose a guy in 10 days
I LOVE Kate Hudson. She’s awsome and fun! Anyway, in this movie she’s asked to write about how you can lose a guy in 10 days. She thinks it’s going to be a piece of cake, but of course she rans into the wrong guy. Matthew McConaughey isn’t going to give up that easily!

6. It’s complicated
All that comes to mind when I think of this movie is the beautiful west-coast of the US, the smell of fresh baked bread, croissants and muffins and… ok, now I’m hungry. But it’s the truth. In this movie Meryl Streep bakes a lot in her pretty kitchen (it’s sort of her therapy) and in between she sleeps with her ex-husband. (I think this is a pretty accurate synopsis?)

7. Easy A
Emma Stone decides to lie about losing her virginity, and well, from there it all goes downhill. For her of course, not for the movie. Because the movie is great! I don’t understand why it has gotten so little love from everyone. Also: Amanda Bynes plays a crazy chick who’s obsessed with Jesus Christ and she does it very convincingly.

8. The Back-up Plan
Jenny from the Block decides she wants to have a baby but OF COURSE it ain’t that easy yo. She has no man in her life and time is ticking, so a sperm donor is the only way to go (apparantly). She gets pregnant and almost the same day she meets the love of her life (damn, Murphy’s Law, anyone?!). Then there is of course the big question: will their relationship survive…? (Hmm….. I read this plot and I realise it would also make a great wednesday-night lifetime movie. But this one is fun, I promise!)

9. 500 days of summer
Zoeey Deschanel and her blue eyes manage to bewitch Joseph Gordon-Levitt (HOTTIE) and it’s all fun and games until she breaks his heart. Also contains some running through IKEA, inspiration for vintage outfits and a lot of fun and pretty music. If my synopsis doesn’t make you want to watch it, the soundtrack will. Trust me.

10. Elizabethtown
Kirsten Dunst plays a stewardess from a far away fairytale land (because, seriously, have you ever met such a girl?! The controversy around the term “manic pixie dream girl” all started with this character) and Orlando Bloom thinks she’s delicious. Ok, no, I just made that up. But they stare dreamily into eachothers eyes, so I think it’s sort of true. Anyway, this is a fun and cute movie about life and love.

11. Runaway Bride
Ah, here we have her: Julia. The second movie in which she and Richard Gere take 1,5 hours to finally realise they belong together. In this one, Julia isn’t a hooker though. She’s a tomboy who can’t commit and left many men at the altar (hence the Runaway Bride). But Richard will straighten her out!

12. Pretty Woman
You taketh a hooker, a rich businessmen and a make-over and tada, you have a classic.

13. Sweet Home Alabama
Reese Witherspoon comes from a small hillbillie village but since then has made it in the big apple. She has the perfect career and the perfect fiance, but there’s just one problem: she also has an ex-husband. I’ll let you make a guess about who she ends up with after 1,5 hours ;-)

14. Step Up
This is probably my favorite dance-movie AND I’M NOT ASHAMED OF IT. I want those flowy dresses and I want to dance like that and oh my god that scene on the roof and everything, I WANT IT. Also a fun fact: Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are actually married in real life!

15. Charlie’s Angels (I & II)
Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu kick some scary men-buts in these two movies. After the demise of the Spice Girls we really needed some new girlpower and these three ladies give it to us!

16. Confessions of a shopaholic
Most of the time while watching this movie I just want to slap Isla Fisher and make her stop buying all the crap she does, but overall it’s a funny one. The “Jein Jein” scene cracks me up everytime.

17. The Devil Wears Prada
Meryl Streep dresses up as Anna Wintour and bosses around her assistents. Anne Hathaway is one of them and only tolerates it because she wants to become a ~serious journalist~ (why she decides becoming a P.A. is the right way to actually achieve that is beyond me, but whatever). Also, Emily Blunt’s hair is very pretty in this.

18. Love Actually
I don’t have a lot of traditions in my life, but watching Love Actually around christmas time is absolutely one of them. It’s such a fun, cute and lovely movie. It makes me smile just thinking about it :) An absolute MUST-SEE!

19. Bend it like Beckham
Jess (Parminder Nagra) wants to play football, but Indian girls don’t play football. Hell no! They cook for their husbands. This movie has a lot of balls (ha-ha, get it), some bollywood dancing (which I secretly LOVE – well, not so secretly now anymore I guess), a very skinny and young Keira Knightley, british humor and Jonathan Rhys Meyers. I watch this movie at least once a year, it’s fun :-)

20. Something Borrowed
Uh-Oh… Ginnifer Goodwin sleeps with her best-friends fiance! During the 1,5 hours that follow, Ginnifer tries her hardest to display as many as dramatic facial expressions as possible and Kate Hudson is acting like a bitch. All works out in the end.

21. My Best Friend’s wedding
Julia Roberts’ best friend gets engaged to pretty young thing Cameron Diaz and suddenly she decides she belongs with him instead of the blonde one. The rest of the 1,5 hours we see her trying to screw up the wedding. Totally understandable and not bitchy at all, right? But fun, oh yes!

22. The Parent Trap
As if there aren’t enough Lindsay Lohans in the world, they doubled her up for this movie. She plays a twin who got seperated at birth (because their parents were weird and thought it was perfectly ok to just pick one… seriously?) and they coincidently meet each other again at a summer camp. They decide to switch and bring their parents (very pretty Natasha Richardson and charming Dennis Quaid) back together. But of course it isn’t as easy as it seems…

23. Clueless
The Mean Girls of the nineties.

24. Wildchild
Emma Roberts loses her mother, acts out and gets send to boarding school. Yawn! Ok, I’ll admit, the storyline isn’t that interesting, but the acting is fun and overall it’s a perfect movie for a rainy afternoon.

25. The Wedding Planner
J.Lo plans weddings in this, but OF COURSE her own lovelife is failing her. She realises she misses a guy in her life, falls in love with a client and almost marries an other guy because she needs a man (WHY?? I still don’t understand WHY? It’s the ’00?!), but in the end it all works out anyway.

26. Maid in Manhattan
A maid falls in love with a politician, but oh no, he can not know she’s JUST a maid. Whatever will he think?! This is a modern day cinderalla story with Jenny and Ralph Fiennes, who have suprisingly good chemistry.

27. The Proposal
Sandra Bullock can measure herself with Meryl in this one, because she as well can play an awfully mean boss! She forces her assistent to marry her (just so she can stay in the US), even though they kind of hate each other. Well, only for like ten minutes of course. The rest of the 1,5 hours they bond and in the end I even think they find each other very sexy. I also think they go to Alaska? Or was it somewhere else?

28. Bridget Jones
The movie of all girl-movies! Bridget Jones! A much heavier (and prettier in my opinion) Renee Zellweger plays a depressed british woman with a lot of misfortune in love. Hugh Grant plays a dick and Colin Firth is very handsome as Mr. Darcy.

29. Notting Hill
Julia, we meet again! This time she plays herself, a famous movie star, who meets the most british guy ever: Hugh Grant. They have sexy time, and then they have some dramatic time (because he ~betrayed~ her) and then it’s all good again. I think. They probably had some more sexy-time after that, considering the last scene (this time I won’t go into details), so I think it’s a safe assumption.

30. Two Weeks Notice
Before Sandra became a horrible boss, she was a p.a. herself, to the ever needy Hugh Grant. He lets her run over town, skip weddings and overall annoys her to the max. When she decides to quit, he makes her stay during her “two weeks notice” and well, we all know what happens then…

31. The Holiday
Ahhh…. Jude Law in those glasses…. bad boy, but delicious anyway. Also: the cottage is the cutest thing EVER. Great movie to watch during the holiday season.

32. 27 Dresses
Katherine Heigl loves being a bridesmaid, but when someone writes a story about her (without her knowing of course), she is pissed and ashamed. She was also kind of dating the writer, which is not complicating things at all (…). Oh, and Malin Åkerman plays her very annoying sister.

33. Life as we know it
A very cute movie about two friends (Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel) who get custody of a child. I even cried a little… just a tinsy bit…

34. Sleepless in Seattle
Meg Ryan falls in love with a guy (Tom Hanks) she hears on the radio, can’t get him out of her head, goes looking for him and then bad-a-boom, they meet and fall in love and have sex and babies and live happily every after. Ok, the last part I don’t really know… I can’t even remember a kiss? Did we get one?

35. You’ve got Mail
Oh well, let’s just try again. In this movie Meg and Tom send each other e-mails, without knowing who they are. Turns out they are actually real-life enemies…. whooo… Will it all work out in the end? (yes! duh)

So, here it is, my list. Of course there are a lot more movies to add (how about “Honey” with cutsie Jessica Alba?), but I had to narrow it down. Feel free to add some in the comments though!