Hi! The character in the above granny collage is joking of course; a liberal arts education will (probably) not make you very rich. But that’s not what this movie is about. Jesse is 35, stuck in a job he doesn’t really enjoy and sometimes wishes he could just go back to college, the place were he still believed that everything was possible. When his old professor calls him and invites him to his retirement party at the campus, he of course jumps to the chance (and in his car). Cue Zibby: a 19 year old college girl who he meets there and sometimes gets a bit too manic pixie dream girl (Elizabeth Olsen takes good care of the character though and makes her more believable then the scrip allows). Without giving too much away: they get sort of infatuated with each other and yes, you could therefor state that this is kind of a love story. Although in the end I’d say it’s more about “growing up”. But you’ll see. It’s a cute movie, great for a rainy day.

The trailer: