Diary or something, february 2014

Oh, hi everyone! That blogging thing is going grrrrreat right? (not). Well, what have I been up to? Besides this class I’m taking about Germany and the European Union, I’ve also been doing some work for my sort-of-father-in-law (I’m building a website for his company), I started a volunteering job (maybe I tell more about it in a few weeks), I study, I go to work for a few hours a week and I’ve been doing fun stuff :) I should probably also be working on my thesis a bit more, but there’s only so much hours in a day, right?

The pictures

1. On the road on our way to my dad who lives on the other side of the country (luckily in the Netherlands that only means driving for 2,5 hours). We don’t get to see each other very often because of his work (he’s at sea a lot), so it was extra nice to spend a day with each other :) 2 + 3. Mirrorshots, because WHY NOT. 4. A picture I took of our sunset. 5. Another shot from the huge collection of pictures I took with Annemerel. 6. My nightstand. I finished “De kleine blonde dood” this week and I really really loved it. Most people have already read it because of the mandatory reading lists in school, but somehow I’ve never read this one before. So glad I finally read it! Gosh, it wasn’t a fun read, but definitely worth it. 7. The church from the village my dad lives in now. 8. I received my printic order (more info below!). 9. Yesterday we borrowed my mom’s car for some grocery shopping. We also decided to get some coffee and chocolate croissants and ended up on one of our favourite spots overlooking the sea. We watched this mom and her small child trying to walk along the coastline and the child had this little mittens sticking out from his sleeves, and he continued to trip over his own feet again and again and she tried to pull him on his hood whenever he tried to run to the water. It was just very cute :) 10. A snapshot I took when we visited Kim two weeks ago! 11. obsessed… Fleetwood Mac.


Printic contacted me a few weeks ago with a question: if I wanted to try out their service? Hmm, well, let’s see… an iphone application that gives you an easy way of turning your pictures into REAL polaroids. Like, actual stick-them-on-your-fridge polaroids. Of course I wanted to try it out! I downloaded the app on my phone, selected seven pictures from my phone photolibrary (most of them from my instagram feed), “paid” with my vouchercode (but you can also use iDeal!) and three days later I found them in the mail. Yes, I was pleasantly suprised. Only one downside: some polaroids turned out a bit unsharp because of the resizing I did on them (even though the preview on my phone was sharp). So if I can give you one tip: try to use the original size. Other than that I’m a happy camper and am definitely recommending this app! I also gifted one of the pictures to my mom (one of her vacation pictures) and she really liked it :) Also not unimportant: shipping costs are free! Check it out.*


Fleetwood Mac, duh. I’ve been listening to their music non-stop and am especially enjoying the live footage that’s up on youtube. ♥ The show Parenthood. I just can’t help it. I’m seriously addicted to that show. I watch it on my way to school, I watch it during computer work (I have to do two things at a time) and whenever I’m bored. Love it. ♥ This is SO cute. Now I just want a puppy, a kitten, a monkey and a giraffe. Sigh. ♥ ‘The Office’ never stops being funny. ♥ CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE SHOW ‘GIRLS’ FOR A SECOND. I want to go to a house near the beach with my friends and make up silly dances! Men, I love that show. I also like that Shoshanna is becoming a bit more of a believable character. And that, apparently, she is in the winter olympics as well! ;) ♥

And a song of course!

Next week they’re taking out my wisdom teeth, eeeeek! Wish me luck! Have a nice weekend everybody

*Printic did not pay me to write this. I was gifted a voucher to try it out, in exchange for sharing my experience with the app.

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5 Responses to Diary or something, february 2014

  1. Elise says:

    Wat een leuk idee om van je foto’s polaroids te laten maken!



  2. Fleur says:

    Tjonge. Ik ben echt zwaar verliefd op wat je schrijft en in welke vorm je dat weer goed. Zo veel gevoel voor stijl heb jij; in je huis, wat betreft je kleding en ook hier weer. Ik blijf erbij: filmproject. Fijn weekend, Ash. XXX




    Wat lief Fleur, dankjewel… Ga er van blozen, haha :) Heb al zin in de blogdate! Jij ook een fijn weekend xxx



  3. Fleur says:

    *in welke vorm je dat weer doet ipv goed. Oktackbye.



  4. Nanda says:

    Leuke post weer! Vind je foto’s altijd zo mooi :)



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