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Picture party! Sverige (part I)

Am I sad about the fact that I didn’t blog as much during my stay in Sweden? No, I’m certainly not. Sure, it would have been nice to have a daily play by play of those fun six months, but it just didn’t work for me at the time. I was busy having fun! That, plus I was writing my thesis and I just didn’t feel like spending more time behind my laptop if necessary.

Fortunately I do have a LOT (!) of pictures and a few of you said you would like to see them, so this is for you! :) I’ll start with a few pictures of my room (and the view) & next week I’ll probably share some pictures I took of Lund and the university. I’m also really excited to share the pictures I took during my trips to Stockholm and Tallinn! But that’s for another time :)

(Yesterday I had dinner with a few friends I met in Sweden (all dutchies as well) and for our next meet-up I’m actually planning to make a cheesy slideshow with all of our pictures. I’m still looking for the perfect background-music. Leave it up to me to make it even more cheesy ;-))

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Not about Celine Dion. Well, maybe a little bit.

As part of a project (read: expanding our “wall of fame” as well as finally adding some pages to our photoalbum) I’ve been browsing through all the pictures I made while I was abroad. Between all the new schoolstuff and my new job, I’ve hardly had the time to REALLY miss my stay in Sweden. With this project it’s hard to ignore. I don’t want to go all “Celine Dion” on you, but let’s just say that “it’s all coming back to me now” (I may or may not own a cd with this particular song on it, and I may or may not have belted it out way too many times while listening to it in the past). (Seriously, how funny is that musicvideo though. My tears have all dried as well Celine! Now let’s all get a 90′s cut and brush it in front of a mirror while being groped from behind and practice some bad acting!).

(ok, let’s focus)

Looking back, I made a lot of beautiful memories in Sweden. I’m not only talking about the big stuff (like my trip to Lapland, picture 1), but also about the small stuff (they had delicious breakfast-cereal at my favorite swedish supermarket). I loved my exchange, I love love love Sweden and I really want to go back some day. To everyone who is thinking about going on an exchange, I want to say: do it! You will not regret it! It’s hard and not always fun (yes, I cried), but you will never forget it. You will meet interesting people, get to know yourself really well and make some great memories. I had so much fun! You should go! (Leave that Celine Dion cd at home though, you don’t want to scare your new neighbours).

If anyone of you would like to see some more pictures I took during my 6 months in Sweden, let me know :-)

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