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Hoi allemaal! Het werd weer eens tijd voor een fotodagboekje. Ik denk zo vaak dat ik niet genoeg materiaal heb, maar dan zie ik dat ik eigenlijk best wel weer veel foto’s heb gemaakt (en best veel heb gedaan!). Joost is nu alweer een paar weken weg en hoewel het stil is in huis (en koud in bed, snif), moet ik zeggen dat ik mezelf goed kan vermaken. Natuurlijk mis ik hem wel heel erg en zou ik het echt heel leuk vinden als we zomaar spontaan even een koffie konden gaan halen in de stad, maar ik heb het druk zat en bovendien vertrek ik over nog geen vier weken zelf gewoon naar IJsland om hem te zien. Wauw, ik ga naar IJsland! Ik besef het zelf nog niet echt. Tot die tijd moet ik nog genoeg doen, dus die paar weken kom ik vast nog wel door… Hier de foto’s van de afgelopen twee weken :)

❤ Mijn webshopje (bij gebrek aan een beter woord) ging online, yay! Het logo en de achtergrond heb ik zelf geschilderd/ontworpen en ik ben er eigenlijk best wel blij mee. Nu nog afwachten hoe snel ik het zat word, haha. Gelukkig heb ik nog geen 100 visite kaartjes besteld ;) ❤ Een selfie, want ik vond dat mijn haar wel leuk zat en ik had een nieuw shirtje aan. Moet ook wel eens kunnen, toch? ❤ Chaos op de bank! Ik heb toch maar eens een papieren agenda aangeschaft, dat was hard nodig. Nu kan ik alles een beetje beter op een rijtje zetten. Ook fijn: alle schoolagenda’s bij de Hema gaan nu weg met 50% korting. ❤ De bouwvakkers zijn nog steeds druk bezig en ik was het zat om steeds om kwart over zeven gewekt te worden door André Hazes. Dus sliep ik deze week een nachtje bij m’n moeder en maakte ik er een foto van de deur, want ik vond de kleurtjes mooi (heel logisch).

✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽ ✽


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Sverige (del ett)

Drie lange broeken nam ik mee en ik heb er geen eentje gedragen tijdens onze vakantie in Zweden. Niet tijdens onze week in Rydaholm en ook niet toen we drie dagen in Stockholm waren. Wie had dat gedacht? Ik niet! Anderhalve week hadden we schitterend weer (afgezien van heeeel soms een kort buitje) en konden we daarom grotendeels buiten doorbrengen, met toch wel als hoogtepunt onze duik vanaf Langholmen met uitzicht op Stockholm. Het was 33 graden die dag, dus geloof me als ik zeg dat een duik in het water nog nooit zo goed heeft gevoeld! ;) Sowieso was het echt een topvakantie, misschien wel de leukste tot nu toe! Zucht, ik heb nu al weer heimwee.

Hier deel één van mijn Zweden dagboek, over de week die we samen met Joost z’n familie doorbrachten in een heel schattig houten huisje in Småland, het zuiden van Zweden. Het zijn erg veel foto’s, dus je bent bij deze gewaarschuwd! :)


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Terug op instagram

Hoi, ja, ben ik toch weer even! Ik wilde nog even laten weten dat ik weer op instagram zit. Reden van mijn instagram vertrek een tijdje geleden? Ik had door alle omstandigheden even een social media break nodig. Stiekem had ik echter al vrij snel weer een nieuw account aangemaakt (om het op z’n minst voor mezelf nog te kunnen gebruiken) en ik denk dat ik er inmiddels wel weer normaal (lol) genoeg voor ben om het met wat meer mensen te delen ;)

Of ik de komende tijd heel veel ga updaten weet ik niet (geen idee of ik internet heb daar in Zweden) en of het je interesseert weet ik natuurlijk ook niet, maar mocht je me toch willen volgen, dan kan dat via mijn ENORM originele username @itsashleylynn.

Trouwens: leg inception! Vier keer mijn benen nu naast elkaar, whoaah… unintentional, believe me. Had het pas door toen ik op Publish klikte.

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A life update

Hi everyone. It’s been a while, right? Well, sometimes life throws curve balls at you and all you can do is go with it and try not to panic. It feels weird writing about it here and frankly I don’t really want to, but not mentioning it at all feels wrong, especially considering the impact it has on my life and my loved ones. About three weeks ago my “stepfather” passed away (I’m using air quotes because I strongly dislike the word, I guess I watched Cinderella too many times when I was younger). It did not come as a “surprise”, considering he had been sick for a little while, but it was a terrible shock nonetheless. He was a great loving man and made my mom very very happy.

I don’t really feel comfortable sharing more about it. Somehow everything I type doesn’t do any justice to the pain and confusion that we are all experiencing right now. That, and the fact that I can’t type a single sentence about this all without bawling my eyes out, makes me think I’d rather do this whole grieving thing in private. I hope you understand.

A Trabant, complete with GDR sticker on the back window, couldn’t resist taking a picture ➳ A drawing I did for my sister. ➳ Beautiful yellow tulips. Can’t get over how beautiful (and standing up straight!) they are. ➳ Boyfriend while going for an ice-cream at Koningsdag.

Strangely enough, life goes on and there is nothing you can do about it (although it does feel like EVERYTHING has changed). I try to distract myself with taking pictures, painting and listening to A LOT of Fleetwood Mac (of course I also spend a lot of time with my mom… don’t worry, we are taking good care of her).

In one of my last posts I mentioned my thesis and how that was going to keep me from all the fun stuff the upcoming months. Well, with everything that has happened, I have decided to postpone my thesis writing and instead focus on getting my last regular 6 ECST of my masters this semester. The thesis will have to wait, I’ll probably get to that in september/october.

The sun was going down and somehow it painted our entire living room pink ➳ Last week I was a “model” for one of Malou’s make-up classes. I was supposed to be there a week earlier, but had to cancel and this way it luckily all worked out ➳ Watching falling stars by the sea. There was supposed to be a meteor shower and yes, we did see a few falling stars! ➳ On the 14th of april I turned 24 and although it was probably the saddest birthday ever, I did get a very great gift from my boyfriend. A Fleetwood Mac album on vinyl that was still missing from our collection :)

Here’s a song I’ve been obsessed with (well, besides the songs by Fleetwood Mac of course… but I probably already talk too much about them already, hehe)

Lana Del Rey – West Coast
Give it a few times, you’ll probably have to warm up to it, at least I had to (and no, you’re not crazy, the video is repeating itself).

Hope you’re all well xx

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The first week of january

Monday morning started early with a visit to Amsterdam. As you can see it was rather wet. Where is my snow?! ❆ We finally bought a frame! I got this poster at the Modern Museum in Malmö for my 22nd birthday. ❆ Passing Rotterdam on our way to my family in Zeeland. ❆ Owls are cute! This one has a place on our mantelpiece.

Nothing better than a crisp new shirt you found in sale.

On New Year’s Eve we had a little photoshoot with my new camera, a passe partout and our friend/sister. It was really really fun and we ended up with a lot of great pictures! (I only included our picture because I don’t know if the others would like to be on the internet ;))

A very pretty sky. ❆ A picture I took at the beach. ❆ A really healthy omelette. Balances out all of the Big Macs I’ve been eating lately… whoops #sorrynotsorry ❆ STUDYTIME. Not cool. Also: literally five minutes after this picture was taken I knocked over my coffee. Bye bye clean table cloth (which was actually an old curtain, so who cares right).

The past week has been a bit boring actually! Of course I could’ve been smarter and plan a bit better, but instead I had to work like crazy this week to be able to meet my deadlines. Who sets those things RIGHT AFTER Christmas break in the first place…?! That’s just bad manners! Ahem. Anyway, because of said deadlines I was stuck to my laptop these past few days, typing away and staring at the ceiling in despair and typing again and then, when sunday came, I sent it in, right on the twelve o’clock dot (PM that is). And that’s about as exciting as my week would get.

At the moment, as we speak, I should actually be doing work for my other deadline this week. It’s master thesis time and on thursday we have to present our idea to a small panel of other students (again, my life is so exciting). The good news is: I have determined a subject. The bad news is: I still haven’t been able to formulate a real ~question~ from which to conduct my research (pooh, had a bit of difficulty with translating the term there, but let’s just leave it at that). It’s the most difficult part I think! Hope it will come to me when reading up about it.

Of course, me being inside and stuck behind my laptop for most of the time, also means a lot of procrastinating has been done. Here are some things I found and like to share:

Probably my life saver this week: the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. I know, I know, super geeky and whatevs, but if it’s good enough for Orlando Bloom, then it’s good enough for me (j/k, Lord of the Rings is awesome, just like Orli’s butt). Something about that music even makes essay writing an EPIC event (just as epic like… well, no, I’m not going to make that joke). ♥ THE NEW VERONICA MARS FILM IS ALMOST HERE!!! Watch the trailer over here. ♥ Just a few more nights of sleep and then there will also be a new episode of GIRLS! I’m so excited for the new season. Here’s a teaser. ♥ It’s a bit difficult to read a lot when you’ve been studying all day, but I do manage to read 1 or 2 chapters of Hilary Clinton’s book every day without falling asleep. I hope she will publish a book about her time as a Secretary of State soon! But maybe she’s too busy with running for president..? ;) ♥ I really like that Kim has been blogging a lot more lately! Go check that out if you want! :) ♥

Music, mix the bourgoise and the rebelllll, yeahhh ♫

I have been on a real David Bowie binge the past few days. This is probably one of my favourite songs. Did you know that the song is about two lovers who are separated by the Berlin Wall? Bowie wrote it in 1977 during his stay in West-Berlin.

Have a good week everyone ♥

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same old, same old, megapossssst

Picture time!

Sunday breakfast at our own home. It feels so nice to have our own place again, I absolutely love it (and don’t worry, I did not force my boyfriend to watch Gossip Girl with me!) ♥ I ordered a book for school (something to do with my master thesis, can’t believe that has already appeared on my to do list) and found the envelope to be a real masterpiece. ♥ Last week we paid a visit to one of our favourites shops: IKEA. We spent a lot more money than anticipated, but it was worth every single penny. We bought some curtains and also this footstool (it was on sale, I simply could not leave it behind). ♥ On instagram I posted a really lame joke accompanying this picture. Something with grenades and a certain Bruno Mars song. Couldn’t help myself.

On instagram there’s this thing called “throwback thursday” (or tuesday? don’t know actually). I decided to post some pictures I took during my stay in Sweden (2012). A picture from Malmö, a picture I took in Ystad and the other one is my dorm room. One of my friends I met there messaged me on Facebook this week and something he said made me realise: it has been almost 2 years since I started my semester in Lund. That’s crazy! It really feels like yesterday. ♥ Hot choco and WHIPPED CREAM. How could I ever survive the dark cold seasons without those two?

Another buy from Ikea: our storage shelves for the kitchen. Super cheap, still cute. On the right you can see my other solution for storing stuff in a small kitchen: hanging stuff on the wall. Why not, right? The “poffertjes” pan I scored at the thriftstore for only 2,5 euros. I was looking for one for ages! ♥ The second picture is one of some details from our living room :-)


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DIARY or something

Home Decor

We have been living in our new apartment for almost a week now and every day it’s starting to feel more like home. Interior design is one of the things I really enjoy and for me the challenge of spending little money, but having great results, is always a fun one! I always like to spend a trip to the thriftstore first, because you can find the greatest things if you really take a good look. And all that for just a few bucks. As you can see I’ve been cozying it up big time. Candles, (fake) flowers, using all kind of things as candleholders (the one in the picture on the right is actually an old jar of jam) and re-using stuff we already owned. I might change it all again next week, but for now it feels good to have a little more stuff in here. Especially when both the walls and our bookcase are still a bit empty (we still have to get our books out of storage). Right now I’m thinking about what to do with our bedroom… hmm…


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This week I finally met up with Annemerel (after not seeing her for a year!) and she told me that she thought my blog was more like a scrapbook. She’s right of course, because when you look up the definition of “blog” in the dictionary, I bet it doesn’t say “a website that gets updated three or maybe four times a month”. Whoops. SO YES, welcome to my scrapbook then. And scrapbooks tend to get a little crazy, with glue stuck everywhere between the pages, little stickers, lots of pictures and impromptu captions, so you better get used to the weird long posts about nothing ;-) This one is about my month of september (because let’s face it, the next one will probably be posted in october anyway).

Picture time!

Annemerel took good care of me when I visited her! Delicious food and a spontaneous hair makeover; fun! Before that I visited the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a class I’m taking and it was AWESOME. We listened to a reading from the head of the Asia department who just got back from N-Korea (Mind. Blowing.) and got a little tour. I could probably bore you with it for hours.

A pretty view at the beach ♥ I’ve been eyeing these shoes ever since Kim bought them a few years ago and I wanted them sooooo bad. Long story short: I finally got them! Yay! ♥ Listening to Keane (and Coldplay!) is autumn to me. ♥ Ever wonder what the hell is keeping me so busy these days? This is the answer! Studying studying studying. It doesn’t end!


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About the first week of September

Hey you! How are you? I can’t believe it’s September already! The leaves will soon begin to fall, the air will get colder and those white pants will have to disappear into to back of your closet. WINTER IS COMING… Only three more months till we’re taking selfies in front of a big decorated tree and Chris Rea will be driving home for Christmas (again). But enough of that, we still have three months to go ;-)

I started my classes this week. I only take two courses, but the workload is much heavier than I could’ve anticipated (just like the prices I had to pay for my books, gasp). Luckily it’s all very interesting and it makes me really excited to go to work and study my ass off. The first class I’m taking is a mandatory one called “History of international relations” and the second one is about Asia, “International relations and the rise of Asia”. That one is particularly fun because of the teacher, who has a lot of expertise and passion for his subject. The fact that I know near to nothing about Asia does make it a bit of a challenge, but I say: bring it on! Another big plus: we will also be taking a field trip to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I’ve been to The Hague before to visit the National Archives, The Peace Palace and the ICTY (and Annemerel of course, also important ;)), but the Ministry will be a first for me. I’m excited!

Things I ♥’d this week

I finished reading a great book this week: Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s autobiography. In it she tells us about her life and she also raises a lot of interesting points that are still VERY relevant today. I’m always amazed at how, after I’ve read these kind of books, it makes me think about the world and how the knowledge I gain from it turns out to be very applicable in real life discussions. Of course I’m always reading these sort of books the way I would read every other publication; with a healthy dose of skepticism. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be valuable knowledge! ♥ “We are the Millers” was way funnier than I thought it would be. No masterpiece, but entertaining nonetheless. ♥ Australia’s Next Top Model started again, yay! It’s the only cycle I still watch. Beautiful girls and photoshoots. ♥ Wednesday evening I went out for an icecream with a friend (my boyfriend was still at school :( he makes such long hours) and while we were driving along the coast we saw the most beautiful sky. I just had to get out and take a picture! It took me a bit longer than I thought (god, that was some steep hill leading me to the beach) and yes, the pictures turned out way less beautiful than I wanted them to be, but wow, it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Above you can see my attempt to capture it. ♥ I’ve been a bit obsessed with Louise of sprinkleofglitter. I love her videos! Especially her “heart to heart” ones. She seems to be such a sweet and honest person. She also has a cute blog. ♥ Thursday I met up with Nathalie for a picnic along the water. It was great to catch up with her and somehow picnics are even better along the water, right?

And, because this of course would not be complete without a song:

It’s by Lorde and is called “Royals” :)

Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

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