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Under the weather

Hi! How are you?

It’s been a bit quiet around here and I just wanted to let you know that it’s because I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather. I had to get two of my wisdom teeth removed the past week (or molars as some would call them) and one side of my face now feels like a big fat truck drove straight into it. Most people told me it was going to be fine, so I went in being rather optimistic. BUT, when I entered the room, the surgeon took a look at my x-ray, shook his head and said, WELL, this is going to be a tough one! All while making a bloated face and shaking his hands near his cheeks, miming for them to get bigger. So nice to hear… AHEM. He even let me choose which side I wanted him to start on first. Instead I just shook my head in fear and said: well, whatever you think is best (YOU JUST TOLD ME THIS WAS GOING TO BE AWFUL, JUSTGETTHISOVERWITH).

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: it was rather awful. The upper-right one? Out of my mouth in less than 10 seconds. The lower-right one? They had to cut it in three parts and it felt like they removed it with one of these god-awful things. The most fun part?! In less than a month the other two have to be removed as well! GASP!!!

As you can see they have yet to remove my dramatic streak.

Ha, just kidding, I’m fine. But the part about the truck is true, it still hurts like a mo-fo. Here are a few things that helped me through this boring week (because I’m vain like that and I didn’t feel like going outside looking like a russian guinea-pig that’s been hoarding for winter-time and wasn’t even smart enough to use both cheeks)

Hope you are all well!

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Hearts hearts hearts (cheer me up edition)

Ugh, let me just be honest with you, I’m not feeling that well lately. Maybe it’s the greyness outside? I’ve been busy with school and there is also some not so cheery family stuff. On top of that I’m unproductive and even when I do manage to do something, I hate everything I write and every picture I take. FRUSTRATING. I’ll probably laugh about this in a week (fingers crossed), but right now it feels utterly frustrating. How did I suddenly become 16 again?! THERE ARE PEOPLE DYING IN SYRIA YOU KNOW, get a grip.

To snap myself out of this (or at least try), I decided to think about the things I loved the past few weeks. Here they are.


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A walk in the woods

I know this looks a bit creepy, so let me just clarify: we did not eat duck for dinner that day.

Last weekend we packed all of our stuff again and moved out of the house. Now we are living with my boyfriends parents, in a house that is (luckily) so big that everyone can still be comfortable. We even have our own place up in the attic, with our couch, books, television and our recordplayer. Ever since we heard we had to move out, we have been contemplating what our next move will be, which will likely take place in two or three months. In the mean time it’s so nice to have a place to crash when you’re still figuring things out and for that I’m very grateful.

The decision process is a constant battle between the exciting (but loud) city with new opportunities and our quiet and beautiful hometown, close to sea, were we feel so at home with friends and family. I remember when I was sixteen, sitting in my bedroom, dreaming about getting out. To explore the world. And believe me, I still want to! But I have done the living in the city part and… well, I’m not so sure anymore if that is what I want to do for the next year. The rest of the world will always be there, ready to be explored, right?

Decisions, decisions… I (we) have never been good with those. Especially this one is turning out to be a little bit more difficult for us. And when you look at the above pictures (I took them two days ago during one of our walks)… can you really blame me?

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A photo I took when I was 16 (!). Feels really appropriate right now. (I also tried it in black and white, but it made it look like I was dead, lol. A little bit too sinister for my taste.)

When I look around me I’m surrounded by boxes. Boxes filled with all of my (our) earthly belongings, of which I did not know I had so many (note to self: do not buy anymore cute cups!!!) and filled with even more memories. When I decided to quit my job and we decided to move back to our hometown (ehm, yes it was in consensus you guys, I promise), I did not exactly know what it meant. I saw it as a way of “going back” and getting some peace of mind, if only for a few months. No longer an expensive monthly rent to pay and finally an end to almost four years of going back and forth. During these four years we always kept visiting our family or wanted to simply unwind during our weekends in our small town, which meant a lot of living out of our suitcases.

Now I see these boxes and I feel that it’s about more than that. When I think about the past four years I just see one big blur and I realize that I need this break before I’ll start something new in the fall. My parents’ divorce, my studies, the jobs I’ve had, the people I’ve met, the trips, me living abroad… it all happened in four years. Only four. It feels like a thousand. And I’ve changed so much. Now I no longer see this as a way of going back. I see this is a way of going forward, as a transition. I want to spend more time with my family, be there for my sister, have cozy nights with my friends, be more creative with photography and other stuff (I love to cook!) and just “live”. I no longer want to have the feeling I don’t have time for anything. I no longer want to keep running.

Anyway, before I have to make a whole new category for this post because a simple “dramaqueen” is no longer sufficient enough (and I haven’t even talked about my amazing boyfriend yet!!!! Can you imagine), let me get to the practical side of things: I’m moving this weekend and after that I’ll probably will not have a internet-connection at home for at least two weeks. I know myself, so I’ll probably find ways to go online anyway (crossing my fingers for an unsecured wireless connection in the area as we speak…), but yes… while I do not have the illusion that the world will stop turning without a blogpost from me, I just wanted to let you know about it and explain the silence around here (if there is any).

On a second note: I’m thinking about moving to blogger, but it turns out to be a bit more challenging than I thought… I’ll keep you posted.

Take care ❤ (and a big thank you! – I don’t say this often enough, but I appreciate every single one of you)

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The troubles of journalling

Some people think blogging is a foolish thing. Writing about yourself on the internet and sharing you life with complete strangers?! They have a point of course. Why not use a regular journal, just for your own eyes to see? Well, I started a journal today (just with regular pen & paper) and I must say: I’ve never felt more self-concious about anything. Am I the only one who thinks it’s a bit weird? First, I’m contemplating what to write for about ten minutes and then, when I’m finally ready to write on that blank paper, I get crazy and feel like I’m about to ruin EVERYTHING. Like that beautiful blank paper. And like I can never take it back. Sure, I can take out the ruined page, but that journal will NEVER BE PERFECT AGAIN. Instead it will be tainted with crazy thoughts and me babbling about… well, what exactly?

So yes, I started a journal today. I went into town and bought one. I started the mental proces (staring at the blank page) and googled a bit on “how to journal” (I love me some wikihow). But I’m still not ready to put pen to paper.

Do you have a journal? What do you write about? And HOW on earth did you get started?

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About being invested in fictional ~love~

In this post I shall open up about my embarrassing investment in fictional couples and discuss this concept a bit further, so if:

a) you are a sane person (or)
b) you want to be able to still think of ME as a sane person

you should probably skip this post (here are some cute kittens for you to look at). If you’ve decided to read on: welcome. Now, let’s talk.

It all started when a disturbing piece of news reached my delicate ears: one of the male lead-characters in one of my favorite British detectives decided to leave the show and do something less productive with his life (I’ll admit I’m a bit biased, but come on). Yes, I’m talking about Tom Ward a.k.a “heartthrob Harry” Cunningham of the hit-show Silent Witness. For more than ten years he played this character and for five of them, the writers built up a storyline around him and the female-lead Nikki. Of course the show was not about them, but eh, for me it kind of was. And now he is just gone. All this without even shooting a final episode! I’ve already lost my reputation by referencing a Celine Dion song in one of my previous posts, so I’ll just go ahead and say it: I’m sad! FIVE YEARS PEOPLE. And we did not even get a kiss! Sigh.

I realise I’m probably a bit more invested in this fictional relationship than I should. Maybe it means my mother dropped me on the head when I was a baby or that I shouldn’t have been allowed to watch soap operas as a kid. But is it wrong? Fact is, getting invested in fictional relationships is one of my many guilty pleasures. I did it with Ron and Hermione, I cried when Jim & Pam FINALLY got married (Jim looking into the camera just after they got married on the boat – TEARS ALL OVER), I’m still rooting for Chuck and Blair, I pined for Bob and Charlotte and I really wanted Luke and Lorelai to be together. Why do I “invest” in these relationships? Because it is fun! One problem though, is that it’s only fun for as long as it lasts. When an actor decides to leave a show or when a book comes to an end, the stories are gone and you’re the one left with all the feelings you “invested”.

Fortunately for “us people”, there is something like the internet! After finding out about Harry and doing a quick google-session, I came to the conclusion that I’m not the only one with these kind of feelings. If you have a favorite pairing, just try searching them on youtube. Chances are there is a video out there with a compilation of their “best moments”, all accompanied by a very dramatic soundtrack (turns out “Far Away” by Nickelback is a favorite of many and most of Miley Cyrus’ songs are PERFECT for this). Watch and marvel! Apparantly there are even people who decide to write (or rewrite) about their favorite fictional couples themselves. Thousands of stories about this magical world, all written by fans. I’ll admit I once spent a whole afternoon reading a Harry Potter fanfiction about Draco and Hermoine, which was suprisingly good (and perfectly PG13)! Because I should note that I DO draw the line at weird fanfiction or drawings. No disturbing sex scenes s’il vous plaît! If I wanted that I would just buy 30 shades of grey. I’m weird, but not THAT weird. (Yes, that does exist, my innocent grashopper. After all, it’s still the internet. If you want nightmares, take a look at this.) (hey, I warned you)

Oh well. I’ll probably miss my favorite couple when the new season of Silent Witness starts and yes, I’ll be a bit sad and therefore will replay this youtube video a few times, but I’ll be fine. As long as I don’t cry myself to sleep over it every night, I don’t consider it to be an unhealthy thing nor a “wrong investment”. It may suprise you after reading this post, but I am realistic enough to acknowledge my loss and move on ;-) (eventually)

Did your mother drop you as a baby? I.e. do you have a fictional couple in which you “invest”?

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Not about Celine Dion. Well, maybe a little bit.

As part of a project (read: expanding our “wall of fame” as well as finally adding some pages to our photoalbum) I’ve been browsing through all the pictures I made while I was abroad. Between all the new schoolstuff and my new job, I’ve hardly had the time to REALLY miss my stay in Sweden. With this project it’s hard to ignore. I don’t want to go all “Celine Dion” on you, but let’s just say that “it’s all coming back to me now” (I may or may not own a cd with this particular song on it, and I may or may not have belted it out way too many times while listening to it in the past). (Seriously, how funny is that musicvideo though. My tears have all dried as well Celine! Now let’s all get a 90′s cut and brush it in front of a mirror while being groped from behind and practice some bad acting!).

(ok, let’s focus)

Looking back, I made a lot of beautiful memories in Sweden. I’m not only talking about the big stuff (like my trip to Lapland, picture 1), but also about the small stuff (they had delicious breakfast-cereal at my favorite swedish supermarket). I loved my exchange, I love love love Sweden and I really want to go back some day. To everyone who is thinking about going on an exchange, I want to say: do it! You will not regret it! It’s hard and not always fun (yes, I cried), but you will never forget it. You will meet interesting people, get to know yourself really well and make some great memories. I had so much fun! You should go! (Leave that Celine Dion cd at home though, you don’t want to scare your new neighbours).

If anyone of you would like to see some more pictures I took during my 6 months in Sweden, let me know :-)

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just like honeyyyyy (a playlist)

So, ok, I know I’m a day later with this than promised (Bear with me! My internet was failing me yesterday!), but here it is: my playlist, especially made for us dramaqueens who sometimes like to pretend they are playing the role of Charlotte in Lost in Translation. I made a cheesy collage to go with it, just for fun. Now, because my internet was failing me & because I turned out to be a bigger internet geek than I thought, my playlist is a bit short. But, here they are anyway, eight songs that are (in my opinion) dreamy and perfect for staring dramatically out of windows.

1. Girls – Death in Vegas

2. The Cure – Pictures of you

3. Kevin Shields – City Girl

4. Air – Alone in Kyoto

5. New Order – Ceremony

6. Neil Young – Old Man

7. The Radio Dept. – Pulling our weight

8. Jesus & Mary Chain – Just like honey

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