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Een juli megapost (brace yo selves)

Hoi allemaal! Het is wéér gebeurd: ik ben al meerdere keren op dat punt gekomen waarop ik zoveel te vertellen had, dat ik niet meer wist waar ik moest beginnen. Met als gevolg dat ik hier al meer dan drie weken niets heb achtergelaten. Eehhh, ja. Je zou toch denken dat het na al die jaren niet meer zo lastig moet zijn om te bloggen. Wel dus. Waar moet ik beginnen? Goed, eerst met wat fotootjes en een filmpje dan maar.

Ik heb het allemaal even achter een “read more” tag geplaatst, want dit wordt een lange post…


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Joris, foto’s en de rest

Hoi. Ik moet echt betere titels gaan verzinnen. Maar hier dus een soort van weekoverzicht/van alles en nog wat berichtje.

♥ Afgelopen week tikten we een oude radio op de kop bij de kringloopwinkel. Wat een geluk, want we zochten er al een tijdje één! Hij moet even opwarmen, maar daarna komt er prima geluid uit. Part of the charm! ;) ♥ Ook kocht ik een hele stapel boeken bij de kringloop. Vijftig cent per stuk… daar kun je ze niet voor laten staan. Ik weet in ieder geval wat ik ga lezen deze zomer. Ook leende ik “An Abundance of Katherines” van mijn zusje. ♥ Ik had nog een gratis treinkaartje, dus besloten Joost en ik een dagje naar Amsterdam te gaan. Bij de Bagels & Beans probeerden we dan EINDELIJK een tarwegrasshot. Ik was erg benieuwd. Getverdemme! Nee, niets voor mij. Joost wel, maar die lust alles ;) ♥ Een hoekje in onze slaapkamer. Tja, ik maak nou eenmaal overal foto’s van. ♥


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Een playlist voor Kim

Gisteren vroeg Kim mij om een playlist van liedjes die ik leuk vind. Wie weet zat er voor haar ook iets leuks tussen? Jeetje, dat is echt nog best moeilijk! Om toch een soort van selectie te kunnen maken heb ik twee criteria gehanteerd: een vrouwelijke zangeres + liedjes waar ik op dit moment het meest naar luister. Nog steeds lastig om dan maar tien nummers uit te kiezen en het is ook een beetje een gekke mix geworden, maar vooruit… het is gelukt! Kim, ik hoop dat er iets leuks voor je tussen zit! ♥

Als 8tracks niet werkt, dan heb ik hier ook de youtube versie. Ik hoop dat de eventuele reclames niet al te irritant zijn… Have fun! En voel je vrij om je favoriete nummer van dit moment te delen in de comments! Altijd leuk om muziektips te krijgen natuurlijk :)

Zoals je ziet is dit Side 1… Met andere woorden… to be continued! ;)

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90′s goddess Drew Barrymore en The Shoe

In mijn vorige post noemde ik al even de nieuwe clip van het muzikale project van actrice Jena Malone, The Shoe. Toen ik het zag wist ik het meteen: deze clip voor het nummer “Dead Rabbit Hopes” kan eigenlijk niet anders dan geïnspireerd zijn door de prachtige ’90s goddess Drew Barrymore. Voor ik het wist was ik aan het googlen en doorklikken en hoe meer ik klikte, hoe meer ik óók donkere lipstick wilde en een tuinbroek van spijkerstof en nóg blonder haar. 90′s Drew KICKS ASS.

Ze is nog steeds prachtig natuurlijk, daar niet van. En hoewel ik haar niet persoonlijk ken lijkt ze me echt lief en tegelijkertijd hilarisch (soms heb je dat gewoon bij iemand). Ze is inmiddels getrouwd, heeft twee schattige dochtertjes (Olive en Frankie, hoe lief zijn die namen?), gaat soms op kookcursus en speelt af en toe nog een rolletje, maar doet tegenwoordig eigenlijk meer met haar eigen productiebedrijf. Zo produceerde ze onder andere Charlie’s Angels, een echte girl power film waarin ze met een van haar beste vriendinnen een hoofdrol vertolkt (jup, Cameron Diaz).

Drew Barrymore filmtips: Poison Ivy (1992)Boys on the Side (1995)Never Been Kissed (1999)Charlie’s AngelsDonnie Darko (daar speelt Jena Malone ook in trouwens!) – 50 First DatesMusic and Lyrics (beetje afgezaagd maar wel cute) – He’s just not the into you en Going The Distance.
* (klik op de titels voor de trailers)

Dit liedje (Broken Hearted Love Song) van The Shoe is ook mooi trouwens.

Wilde ik even delen.

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Chatter about the sun, school & Banks

Hi everybody! How are you? The weather is SO nice over here, I’m in a real summery mood (yes, I do know it’s technically spring, but whatevs). Today I jumped on my bike, did some grocery shopping and bought me some tulips. It’s so nice to see everything turning green again. Gosh, I forgot how much the sun can do for your productivity level and overall ~emotional~ state.

A new course starts this week (today I handed in my essay from the previous one… let’s just say it was a short night last night… haha) and that means I’ll have to go to Amsterdam a shocking two times a week. I KNOW RIGHT?! Puh, don’t know if I’m going to be able to handle that! Although I must confess the prospect of having a class on friday till 5PM doesn’t really excite me, but I’ll manage ;)

It’s my last course and that also means the study year is soon coming to an end! Wow! After I finish my thesis I’m officially DONE with being a student. I’ll have to write it first of course… ahem. Luckily I received some good news today. Last week I went to visit the archives of the ministry of foreign affairs in The Hague and today I got the green light to access some documents I really want to use. So let’s do this! It is ON like Donkey Kong! And although I never know how and when I’ll blog, I do want to give you a heads up in case I do disappear for a month. It’s THE THESIS.

Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to share a “new” music find: BANKS. Perfect music for these (almost) summery days.

Here is a cover she did from the Aaliyah song “Are You That Somebody”^. And here’s a link to one of her own songs Waiting Game.

Hope you’re well, have a nice week! x

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Things I’ve been loving, picture edition

Our fun and summery weekend in Zeeland and Ghent last week ♥ Seeing my family again and having dinner at Kim’s. ♥ Wearing summershoes and rolling up the ends of my jeans (finally!) ♥ Spending my life with my best friend ♥

Our “new” heater. ♥ A lot of work went into this one! It was originally a very bright orange and we spraypainted it ivory. A friend of ours also installed a LED light in it, so in the evening you can actually turn it on and see a yellow or purple light behind the round glass. I love it! It’s purely for decorating purposes, but I think it really adds something to our living room.

Our new tv, a housewarming/birthday gift from my dad. Quite the surprise! Also: pretty flowers (such a shame they only last a couple of days).

The only time I buy a magazine? If it has the title De Groene Amsterdammer on it’s cover or when I’m on vacation. It’s not really in my weekly budget. Our weekend to Zeeland felt like a vacation (it technically was), so I allowed myself to buy one. I’m really into interior design lately and I loved perusing this. So much inspiration! Maybe I should buy it more often.

Once a year I treat myself to new skin stuff. It costs a fortune, but I love using it everyday. It’s well worth it’s money I think! I’m also trying out a new moisturiser by Clinique. I really liked using their yellow one (don’t know what it’s called?), but this one has SPF in it. Big plus! And the nail polish? I’m apparently late to the party, because everybody already knows it’s fantastic. It’s the perfect colour and it makes it look like you’ve just had a manicure. I’ve been wearing it for 4 days and it still hasn’t chipped! Thanks Anne for recommending it to me! (it’s Bubble Bath by O.P.I.).

This album by Buckingham Nicks (are you getting sick of my Stevie Nicks talk yet?!). I’m seriously obsessed. It’s probably not everybody’s cup of tea, but if you want you can take a listen to it. In case you’ve missed it: I’ve embedded the youtube file below the above picture. My favourites: Frozen Love, Crystal and Races are run.

Have a great week! ♥

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That thing is supposed to be an iPhone (hey, I tried)

Lorde’s number one hit Royals was super catchy (if you’ve never heard it before, you’ve probably been living in a cave for the past year or so, YOU CAN’T ESCAPE IT), but the danger of being just a one hit wonder is always lurking in the corner for these kind of artists. Not for Lorde though, oooooh noooo, she’s too cool to be a one hit wonder. I don’t know if her other songs are as catchy enough like Royals for them to become such a big hit, but I do recommend you get a good listen to her album “Pure Heroine”. Great to listen to while you’re studying or even when you’re prepping to go out dancing. Speaking of: she really can’t dance. We both can’t dance! Which is an awesome thing to have in common. I think.

Here is one of her songs: Team.

If you want to hear the whole album, here is a link to the one that’s up on youtube.

Happy sunday everybody xx

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same old, same old, megapossssst

Picture time!

Sunday breakfast at our own home. It feels so nice to have our own place again, I absolutely love it (and don’t worry, I did not force my boyfriend to watch Gossip Girl with me!) ♥ I ordered a book for school (something to do with my master thesis, can’t believe that has already appeared on my to do list) and found the envelope to be a real masterpiece. ♥ Last week we paid a visit to one of our favourites shops: IKEA. We spent a lot more money than anticipated, but it was worth every single penny. We bought some curtains and also this footstool (it was on sale, I simply could not leave it behind). ♥ On instagram I posted a really lame joke accompanying this picture. Something with grenades and a certain Bruno Mars song. Couldn’t help myself.

On instagram there’s this thing called “throwback thursday” (or tuesday? don’t know actually). I decided to post some pictures I took during my stay in Sweden (2012). A picture from Malmö, a picture I took in Ystad and the other one is my dorm room. One of my friends I met there messaged me on Facebook this week and something he said made me realise: it has been almost 2 years since I started my semester in Lund. That’s crazy! It really feels like yesterday. ♥ Hot choco and WHIPPED CREAM. How could I ever survive the dark cold seasons without those two?

Another buy from Ikea: our storage shelves for the kitchen. Super cheap, still cute. On the right you can see my other solution for storing stuff in a small kitchen: hanging stuff on the wall. Why not, right? The “poffertjes” pan I scored at the thriftstore for only 2,5 euros. I was looking for one for ages! ♥ The second picture is one of some details from our living room :-)


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Cinema: Submarine

A few weeks ago, when we were on a ship on our way back from Newcastle, it somehow felt very appropriate to watch the film Submarine. We both had seen it before, many moons ago, and really wanted to see it a second time. So, there we were (oh, yes, and by “we” I don’t mean myself and my second personality, but I’m referring to my boyfriend), in our hut watching Submarine, while the wind was rocking the ship back and forth and I was on my second anti-travelsickness pill. It proved again to be a great and fun distraction and it almost (almost!) made me and my stomach forget I was on a ship in the middle of the North Sea.

Well, what’s it about then ‘ey?

Submarine tells the story of Oliver Tate, a quirky high schooler who is struggling with typical teenage stuff. He really wants to lose his virginity and is particularly concerned with his parents’ marriage. When he meets Jordana, a mysterious and slightly popular girl from school who shows some interest in him, he is not only determined to lose his virginity to her, but also wants to be the best boyfriend in the world. In the meantime, his mother’s ex-boyfriend (the mystic) moves in next door and threatens the already not so great relationship between his parents. How does he know “it’s not that great”? Well, the light in the bedroom has not been set on dim since his last check-up. Something has to be done!

Originally a novel (which I have not read… yet) the director Richard Ayoade took John Dunthorne’s story and turned it into a real must-see. The use of colours, perfectly aligned shots (that scene under the bridge! so nice) and British sense of humour, made this something more than just a regular coming-of-age story. At times it made me think of a Wes Anderson film, which in my eyes is a real compliment (you’re not a real hipster if you don’t like Wes Anderson. Unless you don’t like Wes Anderson because every hipster likes Wes Anderson, which makes you again, a real hipster). At the same time it also has that British “roughness” you’d expect from a film that was shot along the coast of Wales. Oliver Tate’s voice over, in which he bares his inner thoughts and clever observations, is not only very funny, but also very honest and relatable. And even though some situations are really sad, the story doesn’t get “mushy” at all. That’s what makes this ultimately, above all, a real feel good film.

Also, the soundtrack is SO GOOD. It’s perfect for a lazy rainy day inside or when you have to study and want some background music. Listen:

See? Or better said: you hear that? Even when it’ll turn out you don’t quite like the film as much as I do, you’ll still have the soundtrack to enjoy.

You also want to see the trailer? Here is a link to the one on youtube.

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DIARY or something

Home Decor

We have been living in our new apartment for almost a week now and every day it’s starting to feel more like home. Interior design is one of the things I really enjoy and for me the challenge of spending little money, but having great results, is always a fun one! I always like to spend a trip to the thriftstore first, because you can find the greatest things if you really take a good look. And all that for just a few bucks. As you can see I’ve been cozying it up big time. Candles, (fake) flowers, using all kind of things as candleholders (the one in the picture on the right is actually an old jar of jam) and re-using stuff we already owned. I might change it all again next week, but for now it feels good to have a little more stuff in here. Especially when both the walls and our bookcase are still a bit empty (we still have to get our books out of storage). Right now I’m thinking about what to do with our bedroom… hmm…


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