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90′s goddess Drew Barrymore en The Shoe

In mijn vorige post noemde ik al even de nieuwe clip van het muzikale project van actrice Jena Malone, The Shoe. Toen ik het zag wist ik het meteen: deze clip voor het nummer “Dead Rabbit Hopes” kan eigenlijk niet anders dan geïnspireerd zijn door de prachtige ’90s goddess Drew Barrymore. Voor ik het wist was ik aan het googlen en doorklikken en hoe meer ik klikte, hoe meer ik óók donkere lipstick wilde en een tuinbroek van spijkerstof en nóg blonder haar. 90′s Drew KICKS ASS.

Ze is nog steeds prachtig natuurlijk, daar niet van. En hoewel ik haar niet persoonlijk ken lijkt ze me echt lief en tegelijkertijd hilarisch (soms heb je dat gewoon bij iemand). Ze is inmiddels getrouwd, heeft twee schattige dochtertjes (Olive en Frankie, hoe lief zijn die namen?), gaat soms op kookcursus en speelt af en toe nog een rolletje, maar doet tegenwoordig eigenlijk meer met haar eigen productiebedrijf. Zo produceerde ze onder andere Charlie’s Angels, een echte girl power film waarin ze met een van haar beste vriendinnen een hoofdrol vertolkt (jup, Cameron Diaz).

Drew Barrymore filmtips: Poison Ivy (1992)Boys on the Side (1995)Never Been Kissed (1999)Charlie’s AngelsDonnie Darko (daar speelt Jena Malone ook in trouwens!) – 50 First DatesMusic and Lyrics (beetje afgezaagd maar wel cute) – He’s just not the into you en Going The Distance.
* (klik op de titels voor de trailers)

Dit liedje (Broken Hearted Love Song) van The Shoe is ook mooi trouwens.

Wilde ik even delen.

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Yep, that’s me, sitting on top of a washing machine

To everyone who left their blogurl at one of my latest posts: yay! To everyone who didn’t: WHY NOT? Let people discover it! You can still leave it! :)

Let me be honest: I’m kind of at loss what to write about. Is there a blogging school? Maybe I should take a lesson.

When I came about a post up on Emma’s blog (it’s super cute, check it out!), I realized that she worded perfectly what I’ve been experiencing for the past years. Blogging has changed. People are doing it for money. People are treating it like a job. There’s nothing wrong with that (I actually think it’s pretty cool), but it’s a lot different than how it’s used to be and a whole lot different than how I used to blog. Back in my day (I know I sound like a grandma right now…) the word “blog” wasn’t even around! Everyday I had to use that super slow annoying dial-up connection to log in and write lousy entries about my school day (yes, almost every single day – I think I even wrote about my food habits) and that was it. It was a diary. And later on, when I didn’t want to be as boring as I used to be, I also began to write movie reviews. And after that I bought a camera and started to use more pictures than words (pictures of my feet, but nonetheless they were pictures).

When blogs became popular and everyones friend of a friend’s niece started one AND you could make money out of it, it really changed everything for me. I felt pressured to deliver entertaining content, not just once a week, but every day. That’s what blogging is, right? Delivering content, every single day. So people will follow you, add you on bloglovin and your stock will eventually go up. But it didn’t feel right to me and it still doesn’t. It’s just not my way of blogging. I started to take it way too seriously and I knew it wasn’t right for me. So I quit my blog while I was living abroad (sitting on top of washing machines) and I really enjoyed that time.

After a while though, I realized I really missed being creative. And then this thing was born. Now I really love blogging again. I post about the things I love and my experiences and that for me is what it’s all about. I also really like the fact that a lot of people take the time to leave a comment (I really do, thank you so much!). I know my blog isn’t exactly HOT STUFF (I have a category named “granny hobby” for god’s sake), my drawings are really mediocre and my love for Silent Witness is kind of embarrassing, but I still LOVE it. I think that’s really important. And yes, I sometimes do feel pressured to update, but I just keep telling myself that this has to be fun. If I don’t want to update, I just don’t do it…

Anyway, this was a really long and boring way of me saying: I don’t want to update every single day. I’m simply not that bothered with making money, I am way too lazy to blog everyday and I just want to make fun stuff!

Thanks for letting me share. See you next post (hopefully). And if you have any thoughts to share on this topic, please do!

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a lot of 90′s hair, desperate women & cute british men: a list of cheesy movies

Being outside in autumn weather is only fun when there actually is a clear-blue sky and when everything is being kissed by that particular autumn sunlight (I sounded a bit cliché there, but hey, you now probably know exactly what I meant, right?). Unfortunately we can’t always be that lucky. Yesterday I went outside for five minutes and it was raining so hard, I gave up and decided to go back in. Blegh, rain, me no gusta! When it’s raining and cold and windy, all I want to do is curl up on the couch, light some candles, drink some tea (or maybe a pumpkin spice latte?) and read a book or watch tv. Yesterday I thought about how I would really like to have a list of fun movies I could watch. Don’t you? ……..

(I’m awful at building suspense)

Ta-da! Consider this a present from me, to you. A list with all of my favorite cheesy movies (all fabricated in the last twenty-five years) in which stereotypes are constantly emphasised and reinstated and Julia Roberts has awsome hair (can you believe that Pretty Woman is already 22 years old?!). On this list are not only movies from the time when J.Lo still had an “acting career”, but it also has some dances movies on it, funny movies and, ok, maybe a few movies for children (I’m sorry but I love The Parent Trap and I STAND BY MY CHOICE). When you’re bored and are in search for a simple but fun to watch movie, this is your list! It’s also perfect for spotting patterns. Apparantly a lot of actresses have succeeded in branding themselves as the “hey I’m fun, cast me in an other stereotypical movie about a very succesful but unhappy in the love-department” woman. (Katherine Heigl, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz… anyone?)

Anyway, here is a list of 35 fun and easy to watch movies (in no particular order), all accompanied with a synopsis written by yours truly.

1. Save the Last Dance

Julia Stiles goes to a new school after her mother dies, feels the odd one out, cries a lot, wears some freaky hairstyles and (of course) dances. This movie also has some cool R&B music and a happy ending.

2. Mean Girls
Lindsay Lohan moves back from Africa to the US and tries to fit in with the american high school life. Miserably fails (at first), then succeeds (well, sort of) and wears a lot of skimpy dresses in the process. This movie is also good for a lot of one-liners which will come in handy in your everyday life. Written by Tina Fey (do I need to say more?).

3. 10 Things I hate about you
Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles battle it out in this Shakespeare inspired movie. Heath is a cutie in this and well, Julia can look really mean, brr.

4. She’s all that
Oh you know, just an other ugly duckling story about a nerdy girl (already drop dead beautiful, no matter how bad they dress her up, because let’s be honest, how ugly can Rachael Leigh Cook really look?), a pretty boy, a bet about prom-night, suddenly some real feelings (uh-oh!) and of course the obligatory dramatic moment that follows. And in the end… well… you know how it ends.

5. How to lose a guy in 10 days
I LOVE Kate Hudson. She’s awsome and fun! Anyway, in this movie she’s asked to write about how you can lose a guy in 10 days. She thinks it’s going to be a piece of cake, but of course she rans into the wrong guy. Matthew McConaughey isn’t going to give up that easily!


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Not about Celine Dion. Well, maybe a little bit.

As part of a project (read: expanding our “wall of fame” as well as finally adding some pages to our photoalbum) I’ve been browsing through all the pictures I made while I was abroad. Between all the new schoolstuff and my new job, I’ve hardly had the time to REALLY miss my stay in Sweden. With this project it’s hard to ignore. I don’t want to go all “Celine Dion” on you, but let’s just say that “it’s all coming back to me now” (I may or may not own a cd with this particular song on it, and I may or may not have belted it out way too many times while listening to it in the past). (Seriously, how funny is that musicvideo though. My tears have all dried as well Celine! Now let’s all get a 90′s cut and brush it in front of a mirror while being groped from behind and practice some bad acting!).

(ok, let’s focus)

Looking back, I made a lot of beautiful memories in Sweden. I’m not only talking about the big stuff (like my trip to Lapland, picture 1), but also about the small stuff (they had delicious breakfast-cereal at my favorite swedish supermarket). I loved my exchange, I love love love Sweden and I really want to go back some day. To everyone who is thinking about going on an exchange, I want to say: do it! You will not regret it! It’s hard and not always fun (yes, I cried), but you will never forget it. You will meet interesting people, get to know yourself really well and make some great memories. I had so much fun! You should go! (Leave that Celine Dion cd at home though, you don’t want to scare your new neighbours).

If anyone of you would like to see some more pictures I took during my 6 months in Sweden, let me know :-)

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What I would do if I could organize the Olympics (hypothetically speaking of course)

Let me be honest: usually I don’t give a crap about sports. Sure, I will cheer for the dutch footbal team when they are kicking other peoples’ buts (quite literally sometimes), I’ll even wear a orange hat, but other than that I just don’t care. If you make me watch the Tour de France for 10 hours, I WILL be miserable. And no, I really don’t care who wins Wimbledon, up until this year I never even heard of the names Federer and Nadal. It all changed when I started watching the Olympic Games though. The Games melted my cold cold ‘I don’t give a crap about sports’-heart. THOSE ATHLETES.

But, I do have a few suggestions for the next organizer of the olympics. Or, let’s just say I would do some things differently if I could organize the olympics (hypothetically of course).

1. I would introduce a new olympic sport: Scrabble, because although I have two left feet, I want a golden medal too (I happen to be very good at it, ask my competitors who are still crying themselves to sleep every night).

2. In old times, ancient Greece to be precise, all the athletes were naked. Now, I know there is a lot going on about the economic crisis and stuff in modern day Greece, but I think those Ancient Greek were on to something. We should honor their tradition! Let’s not honor that tradition too much though. Back then there were only male athletes, so for modern times sake, I’ll be kind and let all the women wear clothes. The men on the other hand, namely the swimmers, hockey-men and rowers: me no gusta muchos clothing, capish?! Only cute Calvin Klein boxers are allowed. All those dwindeling genitals are a bit too much for my taste anyway.

3. The Spice Girls would be a part of my opening AND closing ceremony. In my opinion this asks for no explanation, but alas, for the unfortunate few who are not acquinted with the worlds most awesome girl group: reason number one, number two and number three (‘be a little bit wiser baby, put it on, put it on’ – are they seriously singing about condoms?! YES THEY ARE). Only a small selection of their finest work. You’re welcome.

4. I’m sorry, but can we please talk about these lame flowers?! I would not even give them to my grandma, that’s how boring and old-fashioned they are. Were the Brits worried the girls would otherwise break down under the weight of an enormous bouquet? They are athletes for heaven’s sake, they can easily carry 5 kg flowers (beautiful Dutch tulips of example)!

5. You can call me crazy, but I would totally offer the “losers” some perspective after their loss. You didn’t win? You worked your butt off for the last four years and it turned out to be all for nothing? You can get fat now! Let’s eat some cake! Let’s watch some Bridget Jones! Doesn’t matter anymore anyway.

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’90 revival, yes please! (Ghost World)

A few weeks ago (during one of my many “I really need to study, but let’s just not” episodes – a rather strong one this time actually) I watched the film Ghost World. I found out about Ghost World while looking for pictures of Scarlett Johansson on the internet (I’m a creep), who apparently takes on one of the leading roles (although I think you can possibly better see her as the sidekick of Thora Birch, who in my opinion is the actual star of this wonderful film). The trailer promised me a delicious dose of 90′s atmosphere all wrapped up into 111 minutes, so I just couldn’t pass this one up. The film is based on the popular comic and tells the story of two girls with a rather cynical take on life (HA, totally not identifying right there, I swear).

It’s not a movie for everyone, in fact it is rather strange. But, nevertheless, you should watch it. Trust me. Why?

1) If you get warm fuzzy feelings when you’re thinking about the ’90. No Spice Girls, but oh boy, they make up for it in fashion!

2) Steve Buscemi (need I say more?)

3) Amazing one-liners. One of my personal favorites: “Some people are OK, but mostly I just feel like poisoning everybody.”

4) This fabulous opening scene, which makes me wanna dance and have a Bollywood themed party everytime.

5) If you really are a creep and like staring at big boobs in thight sweaters (bracing myself for all the weird google search-terms that will pop up in my statistics because of this).

6) This is why:

Because if you can wear a diadem of pink fluffy stuff like a boss, you’re awsome.

7) Or because, like Enid says: This is so bad it’s gone past good and back to bad again.

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