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5 reasons to start buying vinyl (warning: you may be mistaken for a hipster)

People may think you are a hipster, but what can I say, buying vinyl is fun! Here are five reasons why maybe you should start buying it too.

1. Turning it up is fun
There is something special about hopping that vinylrecord out of it’s sleeve and onto the turntable. It’s more of a conscious act (it has two sides and you have to turn it over after a few songs, so you have to keep paying attention ;)) which can make listening to music a real activity. The sound feels richer (although I must confess I know very little about soundstuff) and well, I don’t know… Somehow listening to Stevie on my iPod feels a lot different!

2. The hunt
The hunt for good vinyl is a big part of all the fun. Sure, you can order it online or go to your local recordstore (newly released albums are very easy to find that way), but if you are looking for something old or cheap, you are better off looking at flea markets or in someone’s attic. Those places are a goldmine! Preferably an attic of someone who lived through the sixties (by the way: I am SO jealous of them!). Of course you may also find a lot of junk that you first have to dig through, (I don’t know who the equivalent of Ronnie Tober is in the “English speaking world” , but I think it’s someone along the line of Paul Anka? Only waaaay less cool. Well, that kind of stuff), but trust me. You will thank me later, after you found a great edition of Bowie’s “Space Oddity” up in that dusty attic.

3. The covers
Every collector will haunt me down, murder me and roll me in plastic like Dexter for me saying this, but it has to be said: those covers look great on your wall. Sometimes you don’t have to use the cover and you can use the additional artwork you got with it. Buy some pretty frames at Ikea and frame them up! We have “Harvest” up on our wall and we also used to have “Rumours” up on there (both additional art).

4. Good music
There is so much good music out there! It may seem like a dead-ringer, however I think a lot of people sometimes forget about that. Go out and visit those places where they sell secondhand vinyl, roam the flea-markets, talk with the people behind their boots and I guarantee you: you will find some treasures. Listening to vinyl got me into Supertramp (also my boyfriends fault). And (again: collectors will kill me for saying this) even if you bought some vinyl you don’t like listening to, you can always use the artwork.

5. It is (can be) cheap
Not entirely unimportant: you can score these babies relatively cheap. If you go to the stores or buy newly released stuff, you most likely pay as much for vinyl as for an album on cd (or sometimes a bit more, if it’s limited edition or something), but on flea markets you can find them for a few euros/dollars a piece. Of course those are mostly always secondhand and can look a bit scruffy, though I find that (again) is part of the fun. I think we bought “Rumours” for only five euros… I won’t go as far as saying that was the best way I EVER spent five euros, yet it does have a good shot at being in the top five. It also won’t hurt as much when you bought something for two euros and it turns out to be awful.

There are a lot more reasons for buying vinyl, yet I hope I already convinced you with these five! Feel free to share your tips on where to get great vinyl or a story about your most treasured finds.

PS don’t forget to buy a recordplayer. it will come in handy ;-)

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Such a hard knock life

Whenever I meet up with a friend and they ask me what I’ve been up to lately, I have to think really hard to try and remember how I’ve been spending my days. It must be so annoying, but I really can’t help it. Nowadays I have little to no structure in my life. Sometimes I even forget what day it is! Yes, I do have a job and I’m also taking driving lessons, but other than that the past month has been one long vacation: taking out the canoes when the weather is nice, reading books, watching an episode of some mindnumbing tv-series during a bubble bath, going to the movies, cooking, spending time with friends, taking long walks, enjoying the town and it’s public events, working out… Everyday I have been busy with fun stuff. Obviously I’m not complaining!

Most of all, it is awesome not having a school-deadline annoying me in the back of my head. Around this time last year I just came back home from my semester in Sweden and at the same time I was busy finishing up my thesis. SO MUCH STRESS. To everyone who is going through it now: good luck! You can do it! I myself am treasuring these last few stress-free months. Only three left till september…

My “year off” is not over yet, but I think I can already conclude it has been a success. Like a quote I found on the web: “There are some things you learn best in calm, and some in storm.” And although the past year has not been exactly calm (trust me: moving twice is no fun at all y’all), I did have the time to “stand still”. Sort of. Because I do not feel like I’ve been standing still AT ALL. I’m not going to go all “I NOW KNOW WHAT LIFE IS ABOUT” on your ass, because that is certainly not true, but the past year did give me a chance to catch a break. A welcome one indeed :-)

Anyway, like we would say in dutch: let’s go with the goat. I’ll share some ~objects of my affection~.

This thread on reddit about strangers you still think about is such a good read ♥ Like you can see in one of the snapshots above, I’m reading Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. I’m a bit of a slow reader at the moment, so I’m not that far in yet, but I’m really loving it already. Just like Norwegian Wood it has an atmosphere of mystery which really manages to pull me in. ♥ THIS PICTURE. I CAN’T EVEN… (I found it on reddit, but I can’t find the original post) ♥ Pretty Little Liars season 4 has started! I feel a bit bad for still following that show, but I really can’t help it. Those outfits they’re wearing though… horrific. ♥ How amazing is this woman? 13 hours, wow! ♥ Kim visited me this week and it was so nice to see her again. So, yes, not an object, but definitly a lot of affection there :) Also: happy birthday today Kim!! Sorry I can’t be there! :( ♥ I’ll have to wait till august before I can see The Bling Ring… pfff… has anyone seen it already? How was it? ♥ My internet connection sucks over here (hence the lack of updates… seriously, I already tried to post this entry like five times): a lot of hearts for good working wifi out of the house ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And here is a playlist of my fav songs of the moment. It turned out to be a bit of a weird and nonsensical one. Oh well.

Have a nice weekend everybody xx

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Finally got around photoshopping these

Being a model isn’t about being perfect. It’s about being interesting, about being able to transform in front of the camera. About being brave enough to let someone in. Pictures don’t have to be perfect either, nor does the setting. We shot these a few months ago inside the house, in front of some curtains, with minimal lighting, and I love how they turned out. It’s all about having fun and creating stuff! Can’t wait to shoot Tara again. Next up: a shoot on the beach!

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S-s-summertime, summertime sadness

Oh, my God, I feel it in the air
Telephone wires above all sizzling like your stare
Honey I’m on fire I feel it everywhere
Nothing scares me anymore

People are joking about the amount of instagram that is probably being used in Lana del Rey’s musicvideos, but I can’t help it: I LOVE THEM. Summertime Sadness gives me chills. All those beautiful shots where it seems like she’s floating… Also a big plus is the fact that one of her best friends (and very cute, may I add) actress Jamie King is in this video (you might recognize her from Hart of Dixie). Must be fun, riding in a car with them on those warm and lonely summer nights. Without the jumping off of bridges and all the tears of course.

My favorite moments? 0:48 (jumping between the trees), 2:55 (just because), 3:25 (floating floating!), 4:02 (she’s so pretty!) & 4:22 (love the end, it’s so eerie!). Also the scenes with Jamie on the bridge are SO beautiful. And the very short shots in between, the cute moment where Lana makes a funny face, Lana and the dog &… well, ok, I’ll admit it: I’m in love with every minute of it.

* (pictures used above are screenshots from the musicvideo)

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