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Sverige (del två) – Stockholm! (met tips)

Jaaa, deel twee van de dagboekpost over onze vakantie in Zweden! Dit keer over onze drie dagen in een appartementje in de hoofdstad. Aan het eind van onze week in Rydaholm liepen we op zaterdagmiddag, na een treinreis van ongeveer drie uur, vanaf het station richting één van de hippere wijken van Stockholm, Södermalm, waar “ons” appartement te vinden was. Even de sleutel ophalen en toen mochten we naar binnen. We waren niet teleurgesteld! Het was perfect en precies wat we zochten.

Ik heb deze post opgedeeld in verschillende categorieën. Dat leek me wel handig voor het geval je zelf nog eens naar Stockholm wilt en je op zoek bent naar tips! Let wel, toen wij er waren was het rond de dertig graden. In de winter heb je daarom waarschijnlijk niet zo heel veel aan mijn “doe” tips. Maar plaatjes kijken is sowieso leuk, toch?

(wederom een waarschuwing: veel foto’s! Een stuk of 50! Ja, ik ben echt zo’n type die later op vakantie gaat en dan haar kleinkinderen bij thuiskomst naar zo’n vreselijk lange diashow laat kijken #sorrynotsorry)


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Sverige (del ett)

Drie lange broeken nam ik mee en ik heb er geen eentje gedragen tijdens onze vakantie in Zweden. Niet tijdens onze week in Rydaholm en ook niet toen we drie dagen in Stockholm waren. Wie had dat gedacht? Ik niet! Anderhalve week hadden we schitterend weer (afgezien van heeeel soms een kort buitje) en konden we daarom grotendeels buiten doorbrengen, met toch wel als hoogtepunt onze duik vanaf Langholmen met uitzicht op Stockholm. Het was 33 graden die dag, dus geloof me als ik zeg dat een duik in het water nog nooit zo goed heeft gevoeld! ;) Sowieso was het echt een topvakantie, misschien wel de leukste tot nu toe! Zucht, ik heb nu al weer heimwee.

Hier deel één van mijn Zweden dagboek, over de week die we samen met Joost z’n familie doorbrachten in een heel schattig houten huisje in Småland, het zuiden van Zweden. Het zijn erg veel foto’s, dus je bent bij deze gewaarschuwd! :)


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Christmas (in pictures and GIFS. Sort of.)

Hi everyone! Hope your Christmas was a nice and laid-back as mine! The first day we spent at my boyfriends parents house (very “gezellig”, as we say in dutch!) and the second day we drove to my family in the southern part of the country. While we were in the neighbourhood, we also drove over to Ghent, to pay a visit to Kim and her boyfriend. Why not, right? We’ve only been away for four days, but it felt like a real vacation. Here are some pictures :)

(As you can see I also tried to make GIFs from the videos I took while testing my camera. Not as good as I want them to be yet, but I’ll keep tweaking!)


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Fairtrade and a lot of giggles

Because I’m supahfamous (not really), I get a lot of e-mails from companies who want to feature their product on this blog, either by organising a give-away or for me to write an advertorial about their product in exchange for money. Most of them I turn down, because they simply don’t “fit”, it’s as simple as that. But when Fairminds e-mailed me last week about the M-Brace, I though it might be something that WOULD fit with my blog. Fairtrade is certainly something I think is very important, I like the story behind the bracelet and I also thought the design was beautiful.

The fair trade jewelry line M-brace, the winning design from the Design Your Own Silver – Contest of Minds Fair, is a co-creation with Dutch design students, a fair trade supplier and the Mexican silversmith Vladimir. This particular bracelet, the M-Brace, was a design by Marlous and if you want you can check out a video about her and her visit to the Mexican silversmith’s workshop.

As you can see, the bracelet consists of a leather bracelet that you double wrap around your wrist and connect through the silver bead. I got the silver leaf, because I thought it was delicate and really beautiful, but they also have other beads to choose from. There was only one problem though: the bracelets are suitable for an average wrist between 16.5 to 18 cm and I have REALLY small wrists (hey, it’s not funny), so it was way too big for me. If you want you can easily costumize the bracelet by cutting of a piece of the leather and making a new hole of course, but not wanting to demolish the bracelet, I decided to look for someone with a regular wrist and who might like to have the bracelet. ENTER: MY SISTER. So, this friday, after a lot of giggling, I ended up with some pretty pictures and she ended up with a beautiful bracelet.

Here is a link to the M-brace in the webshop of Fairminds. You can also buy it at the stores WAAR and the Wereldwinkel. The M-Brace costs €25,95.

I did not get paid to write this. I did get the bracelet to shoot some pictures with (which I then used to bribe my sister into being my model ;)).

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Hi everyone! You have to excuse me for the messy layout. I’m trying to come up with a pretty blog design, but so far no luck. Instead I accidentally erased a few blogposts (HOW?!), messed up the fonts and got a big headache from all of the coding stuff. I have zero inspiration in the blogdesign department at the moment! Help. Anyway, because a friend of mine is leaving next week for a working-trip to Malmö, it got me inspired to post the pictures I took while I was there in 2012 (geez, time flies). Have you been there before?

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A walk in the woods

I know this looks a bit creepy, so let me just clarify: we did not eat duck for dinner that day.

Last weekend we packed all of our stuff again and moved out of the house. Now we are living with my boyfriends parents, in a house that is (luckily) so big that everyone can still be comfortable. We even have our own place up in the attic, with our couch, books, television and our recordplayer. Ever since we heard we had to move out, we have been contemplating what our next move will be, which will likely take place in two or three months. In the mean time it’s so nice to have a place to crash when you’re still figuring things out and for that I’m very grateful.

The decision process is a constant battle between the exciting (but loud) city with new opportunities and our quiet and beautiful hometown, close to sea, were we feel so at home with friends and family. I remember when I was sixteen, sitting in my bedroom, dreaming about getting out. To explore the world. And believe me, I still want to! But I have done the living in the city part and… well, I’m not so sure anymore if that is what I want to do for the next year. The rest of the world will always be there, ready to be explored, right?

Decisions, decisions… I (we) have never been good with those. Especially this one is turning out to be a little bit more difficult for us. And when you look at the above pictures (I took them two days ago during one of our walks)… can you really blame me?

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The past ten days (bits and piecies)

Photosession with Tara, yay! She is definitely my favorite person to shoot with. We shot pictures inside her house and some by the sea. This is one of my favorites. ✝ Our street has been covered with pink blossom and this tree is the one who’s responsible for it. ✝ It’s moving time again! I decided I wanted to get rid of some clothing so I cleaned out my closet. If I’m not going to wear it, I’d rather have someone else enjoying them. ✝ I also found these babies! Totally forgot I had them.
Another picture from when I was shooting with Tara. I borrowed a camera from a friend so we could shoot some clips of her playing her music which she then could send to her family in Ireland. Scroll down if you want to hear one of her songs. ✝ I paid a visit to the optician and got some new glasses. I’ll have to wait two weeks for them to arrive, bugger… I’ll show you when I’ve got them :)

(Tara is a bit shy, so she’s probably going to kill me when she sees her face plastered all over this page)

(I don’t care)

She said she felt brave today, so I was granted the permission (he he) to make the youtube clips public. Here you go, here is one of her songs:

PLEASE IGNORE MY POOR VIDEO (EDITING) SKILLS. I decided to try and zoom in at the end, BAD IDEA, lol.

I had a really hard time choosing which one I would show. Eventually I chose this one because I love how it feels like a very honest and cute song. It’s not really my story to tell, but listen to it and you’ll know what it’s about. Go check it out at my youtube channel (eventually she will have them up on her own channel, this was just for easy sharing purposes).

Speaking of (being) green: I really love how everything is turning green outside. It all happened over the course of one weekend. Suddenly it looked like summer! Too bad it’s been raining ever since.

- other stuff –

Anne took me to see The Great Gatsby as a birthday present this week and whoaahhh… it was amazing. I really loved it! I was a bit worried when I saw the trailer that it would simply be too much for me (director Baz Luhrmann has a really distinctive way of filmmaking), but I was pleasantly surprised! ♥ My two favorite songs from the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby: Lana del Rey with Young and Beautiful & Florence + The Machine with Over the Love ♥ A friend of mine showed me and now I’m seriously hooked (also, please don’t call me Shirley). I have an app on my phone and I keep checking it every few minutes. A few gems: IamA, were you can ask questions to people who have something to tell (like a refugee from north Korea or a police officer or someone who has a few days left to live), the“funny” tag or the one about politics. ♥ I drove FOUR hours this week and I’m finally getting the hang of it (sort of). Atleast I haven’t killed anyone yet. ♥ My work-out clothes have not seen daylight this week. Yes, I’m a lazy bum. And I reallly don’t care. ♥ We don’t know what we should do with our vacation! Warsaw and Krakow or being lazy on a beach somewhere? (whitegirlproblems) ♥ “When I look at you a Coldplay song plays in my heart”, haha! I love GIRLS! (the series. Sorry ladies.) ♥ One of my best friends is getting married and she asked me to be her “best man”! Wow, such an honor! I’m very happy for them :) ♥ The final episode of The Office aired last week… what can I say? It was just the way I wanted it to be, or maybe even better. I’m not going to spoil it for you, no worries! Just want to say it was great. ♥

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a house to pack….. Pfffff. Have a nice weekend everybody xx

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