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Under the weather

Hi! How are you?

It’s been a bit quiet around here and I just wanted to let you know that it’s because I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather. I had to get two of my wisdom teeth removed the past week (or molars as some would call them) and one side of my face now feels like a big fat truck drove straight into it. Most people told me it was going to be fine, so I went in being rather optimistic. BUT, when I entered the room, the surgeon took a look at my x-ray, shook his head and said, WELL, this is going to be a tough one! All while making a bloated face and shaking his hands near his cheeks, miming for them to get bigger. So nice to hear… AHEM. He even let me choose which side I wanted him to start on first. Instead I just shook my head in fear and said: well, whatever you think is best (YOU JUST TOLD ME THIS WAS GOING TO BE AWFUL, JUSTGETTHISOVERWITH).

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: it was rather awful. The upper-right one? Out of my mouth in less than 10 seconds. The lower-right one? They had to cut it in three parts and it felt like they removed it with one of these god-awful things. The most fun part?! In less than a month the other two have to be removed as well! GASP!!!

As you can see they have yet to remove my dramatic streak.

Ha, just kidding, I’m fine. But the part about the truck is true, it still hurts like a mo-fo. Here are a few things that helped me through this boring week (because I’m vain like that and I didn’t feel like going outside looking like a russian guinea-pig that’s been hoarding for winter-time and wasn’t even smart enough to use both cheeks)

Hope you are all well!

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About autumn & fast talking women

It seems like everyone is already talking about it, but just in case you haven’t noticed it yet: autumn is here! The air feels crisper, the light is softer, when you wake up in the morning and your leg is sticking out from under your sheets you have to shrug off the cold and if you’re smart, you finally put those jeanshorts in the back of your closet. Bring out those big sweaters, thights and boots! Autumn is not only about drinking a lot of coffee, cozy afternoons, long walks along paths covered in orange leaves, listening to gloomy music and reading Harry Potter (like Lena wrote, Harry Potter feels like such a “fall-thing”, I agree!). For me, autumn is also all about dusting off my beloved Gilmore Girls dvd-box. Yes, let’s talk about the Gilmore Girls!

Gilmore Girls is about Lorelai and her daughter Rory, living in a small town (Stars Hollow) near Hartford (Connecticut), where it always seems to be fall (although I might be brainwashed by the orange leaves they use as a background starting the titlesong). Lorelai had Rory when she was sixteen and they are not only mother and daughter, but also best friends. Which means they tell each other everything and talk crazy fast (the scripts for the show are rumored to be 75-80 pages, as opposed to 45-50 pages for regular tv-shows). The show is full of pop culture references (music, movies), filled with interesting, sometimes slightly weird characters, oh and Madeleine Albright was in it (!). It was only for a few minutes, but whatever. I LOVE this show. Gilmore Girls started in 2000 and lasted for seven seasons, so if you haven’t started watching yet, you are in for a treat! (Also, I’m kind of jealous of you.)

I have so many random thoughts about this show! If you’re already a big Gilmore Girl’s fan like I am, you can read on. If you still have to watch it, you should probably skip it because of possible spoilers. And if you don’t like Gilmore Girls, then, well, what are you doing reading this post anyway? ;-)
Lees verder…

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