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10 fav soundtracks/ scores ♫

If someone would take a really close look at my itunes list, the first thing they would probably notice is that one embarrassing Ashlee Simpson album I still own (you know, the one she made when she dated that Ryan dude, starred in her own reality show and still had her old nose). They would also see that the majority of my iTuneslist consists of film-music. Here are my 10 fav’s (with both a link to the soundtrack as well as to one of my blog posts, in case I already wrote about the film).

Marie Antoinette

Sofia Coppola is a star in creating beautiful soundtracks and this one in particular (The Strokes, The Cure…) makes the film just that little bit more interesting than any other periode piece. It seems weird to use this kind of music for a film about the 18th century, but it fits beautifully. The soundtrack and the other anachronisms in Marie Antoinette are a big part of all the fun!
My blogpost (where you can also find a playlist).

Lost in Translation

Whenever I listen to this soundtrack, I’m imagining myself walking through Japan. Sometimes I’m taking a metro ride with Charlotte, others make me think of looking out from her hotel window over the skyline of Tokyo and then finally, that beautiful last song when Bob is driving back to the airport after whispering something sweet (who knows? it’s just a guess) in Charlotte’s ear… Love it.

Into The Wild

A beautiful film with a beautiful soundtrack. Only one condition: you have to like Eddie Vedder, because it are his vocals that are on every song of this soundtrack. Luckily I happen to love his voice! Even if you don’t, please give it a try. Or at least watch the film :)

Lees verder…

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Cinema: Marie Antoinette

The film Marie Antoinette (2006) by Sofia Coppola is a real jewel and it sure is one of my favorites. On a historical level it might makes no sense at all, but it is an absolute feast for the eyes.

Marie Antoinette was an Austrian princess who lived in the eighteenth century and was just fifteen years of age when she had to marry the royal heir to the throne of France. You may know her from her famous quote “Let them eat cake”, something she allegedly has said as a response to the starving french people. However, two hundred years later we can almost for certain state that she has never really uttered that sentence at all and that it was just a matter of successful propaganda by the revolutionaries. And that is exactly what Sofia has wanted to avoid in this film. This film therefore shows the situation entirely from Marie’s point of view. She shows us how difficult it must have been for a 15 year old to move to another country, with totally different costums and the entire royal court watching your every move. How hard it must have been for Marie to have that pressure to produce an heir and endure all the gossip and slander. And of course she shows us the delicious world in which Marie flees from her sorrows, by buying shoes and clothes and wigs and hosting crazy parties over at the palace.

It all sounds a bit harsh and depressing, however, this film generally has a very positive vibe to it. It’s almost impossible not to, with such a delicious color palette (pastel!), such a creative director, cool soundtrack and beautiful images. Almost 90% of this movie is perfect bliss. Only when the story gets sad, the film is shrouded in black and the pastel is suddenly gone. Sofia has chosen not to depict the brutal death which bestows on Marie. Instead we see Marie and her family being driven away from Versailles in her carriage, the same way she entered it in the beginning of the film. Although not as dark as her actual ending, it is still a bitter pill to swallow after all the pastel bliss. And that real bittersweet feeling is what makes it a true Sofia film.

Soundtrack (this mix is not made by me):

You can click here for the trailer.

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There must be a Sofia anonymous group I can join?

The Virgin Suicides. Yes, another one by Sofia Coppola… I just can’t help it. I love this dreamy film with Kirsten Dunst about fading memories, mystery, growing up, love, melancholy & life in general (originally it’s a book – which reminds me: I should read it asap). With all of it’s pretty colours and shots, it ~inspired~ me (ahem) to make this collage. I don’t want to write a lot about it and give too much away though. You should just go and see it for yourself! It also has a lot of pretty music. You will love it, trust me.

Click here if you want to see the trailer.

Have a lovely sunday :)

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“Does it ever get better?” (Lost in Translation)

My first blogpost has! (bold & exclamation mark!) to be about Lost in Translation. I live and breathe that film. I love it so much. I know I sound like a hipster for loving Sofie Coppola, but it’s so easy to love her productions. Especially this one. I think everyone who loves it as much as I do understands what I’m talking about. For the few people who fell asleep while watching it: I’m sorry, but I think you will fall asleep with at least 90% of my future blog content. Please give it an other shot. You should!

The story sounds a bit cliché, but I identify myself a lot with the female character. Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) is a young woman who has just finished her studies in philosophy and travelled along with her photographer husband to Tokyo (of course I haven’t ever travelled to Tokyo nor am I married, but that’s beside the point). Because of his time-consuming job, Charlotte spends a lot of time alone, painting her toe nails and making lamps of paper cranes in their hotelroom. While looking out over the skyline of Tokyo from her window, she thinks about her life. Is this what she wants? Living in hotels, living her husbands life? What’s life about? Who is she? And above all: does it get better? (hello! did Sofia read my mind?! dramaqueens unite!)

On the other side of the hotel there is Bob (Bill Murray), an american actor with a midlife crisis, forced to go to Tokyo by his manager to record a whisky commercial. He’s happy to be away from his wife and two children, but he soon realizes it can be awfully lonely in a country where everybody thinks to know you, but where you don’t speak the language nor understand anything about the culture.

When Charlotte and Bob meet each other in the middle of the night in the hotelbar, they both haven’t slept in days and are a little lost in life. They strike up a conversation (Bob still with mascara on his face from shooting the commercial), he lights her cigarette and they soon realize this can be the start of a wonderful friendship. What follows is a magical trip into Tokyo city nightlife filled with Japanese stereotypes (I heard the Japanese were not so happy with the way they were portrayed by Sofia Coppola – but hey, they looked like fun!), minimal but meaningful dialogues, skilled actors, a very fitting soundtrack and pretty cinematic sights.

All of the above and this (come on, this is awsome) contributes to the fact that this is probably my favorite film of all time. Well, of course I have a lot of “favorite films of all time”, but right now I feel very strongly about this one. It makes me laugh (‘Lip my stocking mistel Hallis!’), it makes me cry (the final AMAZING scene) and it makes me long (for a friendship like theirs and a trip to Tokyo). I loveeeee it <3 (Tomorrow I have a special playlist made for those dramaqueens who also need a soundtrack for their real-life “dramatically staring out of the window”-scenes.)

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