just like honeyyyyy (a playlist)

just like honeyyyyy (a playlist)

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So, ok, I know I’m a day later with this than promised (Bear with me! My internet was failing me yesterday!), but here it is: my playlist, especially made for us dramaqueens who sometimes like to pretend they are playing the role of Charlotte in Lost in Translation. I made a cheesy collage to go with it, just for fun. Now, because my internet was failing me & because I turned out to be a bigger internet geek than I thought, my playlist is a bit short. But, here they are anyway, eight songs that are (in my opinion) dreamy and perfect for staring dramatically out of windows.

1. Girls – Death in Vegas

2. The Cure – Pictures of you

3. Kevin Shields – City Girl

4. Air – Alone in Kyoto

5. New Order – Ceremony

6. Neil Young – Old Man

7. The Radio Dept. – Pulling our weight

8. Jesus & Mary Chain – Just like honey