+1 (a post NOT about math)

+1 (a post NOT about math)

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If my life was a tv-show (ha-ha), I would begin this episode with where it all ended last night: a shot of Annemerel and I in the car, singing (screaming) along loudly with Avril Lavigne, while driving down the highway on our way back home. I would let the viewers wonder HOW DID IT GET TO THIS POINT? And then I would pause the scene, enter with capital letters “EARLIER THIS DAY…” and let them see it all started with an invitation to the re-opening of a restaurant and Annemerel needing a +1.

(I guess my tv-show wouldn’t be that big of a hit).

Anyway, so yesterday I was “a plus one” to the opening of Umami in Rotterdam (again, for the foreigners, that is indeed near Amsterdam, like the rest of the Netherlands) and as you could’ve already guessed, it was a lot of fun. Now, I don’t want to brag or anything, but if yesterday was like highschool, we were TOTALLY sitting at the cool table. I’ll let the picture speak for itself. Ok, not, because that would be boring. But we do look like fun, right? That’s because it was! We had delicious food, the restaurant was cozy, the staff was very friendly and we had so much to chat about. It was amazing to finally meet Fleur and Marieke, have some more time to chat with Lindsey and it was also a lot of fun to meet Jolien (if my tv-show would be about vampires and werewolves and 50 shades of anything, she would totally be the character with the prettiest hair – and my tv-show would probably be a bigger hit).

Thanks so much for having me Umami, Miss Publicity and Lindsey. And of course a big thanks to you, Annemerel, for making me your +1 and turning up the volume on our way home ;)

(picture taken by Johan van Boven (with Jolien’s camera), the only guy who was allowed to sit at our cool table and who we shamefully bribed into taking a few (many) groupshots by waving our long lashes at him – take note kids)