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A few pictures and a favorite christmas song confession

So, here’s the deal: the past few days I’m feeling a bit under the weather and I’m bored to death, so I thought I’d share some pictures. Lately I really try to pick up my camera more often (much to the enjoyment of those around me- ahem, the first picture was what you could call a “revenge-shot”, taken by my sister) and this is the result of carrying that thing with me the past weekend.

What do you see? Me, drinking tea (and before I get the “tea drinking etiquette-committee” on my back: I know I’m not doing it correctly, but my pinky was tired), our first snow (yay!), cozy candles at my sisters’ flat, a snapshot of our annual “sjoel”-competition (it’s a dutch thing – we take it very seriously in our family) and last, but not least, a picture I managed to snap during sunrise while driving home. It was a very dark and rainy day, but the sun wasn’t giving up! Hence the “strip” of beautiful pink light on the horizon. It was magical.

We also bought our very first “real” christmas tree this week and I had so much fun decorating it while playing christmas songs! It’s difficult to pick a favorite, but whenever I hear this one, I instantly have that christmassy feeling (yes, I have a bad taste in music. How exactly does that suprise you?). What’s your favorite christmas song? Anyway, I really love the holiday season, it’s so cozy! Makes having to stay inside a lot less annoying :-)

Have a nice week everyone! x

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My inner-Gandalf voice was bothering me again, so here I am

What? It’s december already? I don’t want to go all “Days of Our Lives” on you, but damn, life really is like sand in an hourglass. Time flies (when you’re busy making other plans, while you’re having fun, yadaya…).

Pictured: Me, trying to smize like Tyra, our couch with some new cushions, reading Vogue on my day off, drinking latte’s, wearing my big brown “heart” sweater, posing in front of a mirror without a reason, a picture of Nathalie’s very cute apartment in the centre of Amsterdam (I LOVE IT), reading books like a boss, eating apple pie, showing of my ticket to Breaking Dawn, sort of accidently stumbling upon a press-event for Oodlz (long story… but jummy food!) & the last picture is me again, trying to pose in front of the mess I call my wardrobe.

Not pictured, but also done this week: I decorated a christmass tree with my sister (all while singing along with christmas songs, yay), played Rumikub with my mom and her boyfriend, saw a lot of episodes of the Office, made almost 30 hours at work this week and wrapped a lot of gifts (part of the job), my dad came to visit us on wednesday, we discovered that Ikea served their delicious cappuccino-cake again (so we biked all the way over there, just to eat cake – ilovemyboyfriend), I drank a lot of coffee and in between I tried to take “real” pictures (I failed, obviously).

Life lesson of the week:

Get bitten by a vampire, because then you will instantly become a real VILF and seriously, who wouldn’t want that, right?!1

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  1. I wish I’d thought of this myself, but thank you, guy sitting next to me during Breaking Dawn, for sharing this trivial information with me. Also, the fact that you were checking your watch every five minutes wasn’t annoying at all.
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