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Today we kind of had our first real day of spring here in the Netherlands. It was lovely. I really love how light this house is, something I forgot until the sun came out today and lit it all up.

I must say that I’m really glad that the sun is finally showing itself (and yes, I know that it’s technically not correct, the stuff with the clouds and the sun always being there et cetera…). It’s about time! Because let me be honest with you: although I have had nothing bad happening to me in the past week, I’m kind of feeling down. It’s a weird feeling, like something is creeping up on me… I see myself avoiding mirrors, am bored with all of my clothes, don’t feel like eating (I do of course, but I don’t really enjoy it – which is weird, because usually I LOVE food), I’m tired, don’t feel like really doing anything at all and well… If I would have to summarize it all in one word it would be BLEGH. Not even a postive ~inspirational~ quote on a random picture can make me feel better. Maybe it’s the winterblues? It’s time for the sun to come out! Hopefully it will help!

Thankfully I was able to ignore that feeling for a little bit some days this week and forced myself to go outside. What do you see (besides the obvious pictures of “our” house) and what did I do?

I watched Silver Linings Playbook, which I liked but didn’t love (maybe I should read the book?) ▲ We went to Amsterdam for a open day at the university and I found the Master I want to graduate in, yay! I’ll start in september :) ▲ We also bought apple pie and paid Nathalie a visit at her cute home that day (and when I say cute, I mean it in a really good way, not in a “it’s small, so let’s just call it cute” kind of way) ▲ We used our fireplace almost everyday ▲ Baked tiny pancakes over at a friends house ▲ I bought some new boots (yay for sale shopping) ▲ Finally found a good coffee place in town! ▲ I borrowed the Bamboo Wacom tablet from a friend and used it for the first time (see last post for the results). Feels nice to be creative again (although it also forces me to fully acknowledge my own shortcomings – I CANNOT DRAW, no matter how hard I try, hehe) ▲ I’ve been listening a lot to Coldplay this week. Still love this song, great to sing a long ;-) ▲ I made potato soup again, and yes, I WILL post the recipe this week. I promise. ▲

Also, this song makes me happy (it’s from the 500 days of summer soundtrack):

Have a nice week everybody. Let it be a good one!