Daily musings, lazy instagram version (again)

Daily musings, lazy instagram version (again)

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My sister painted her bedroom last week in this pretty blue colour. Makes me think of Sweden… ▲ 50 kronor! ▲ My mother in-law got me these pretty tullips. Well, they WERE pretty, but on this picture: not so much anymore. ▲ My sister came by to do my make-up, just for fun! (her make-up bag and it’s contents are considerably larger than mine).

My boyfriend had his birthday this week (happy birthday baby!) and I baked apple pie. As a present I got him a flying lesson. Fortunately he really liked it! We still have to book it, but we are waiting for the weather to get better. ▲ We went to Amsterdam to pick up my diploma, yay! It took me forever (boring story) but now I finally got it. ▲ I could not decide if I liked the leather vest when I was in the store, but I’m glad I bought it. ▲ When everyone was complaining about the snow and all the discomfort they were experiencing because of it, I took this picture to show that we had beautiful weather. Next morning I woke up and what did I see? SNOW. Karma? (yes of course my karma can make it snow)

Pizza! Home made is the best! And super easy as well. Just add some flower, an egg and water (or olive oil) together for the dough and use whatever you want for toppings. Delicious and also very healthy (although, if you want, you can probably make this very unhealthy with various toppings like A LOT of cheese, hehe…). ▲ A picture of me with my bike when I was in Sweden. We (the international students) all had such crappy bikes, it was hilarious! I don’t think we got home from a party in the middle of the night without someone’s bike breaking down. Mine was quite alright though. And it had a cute basket, so I was happy ;) ▲ My boyfriend got me this watch as a graduation present. I can’t stop staring at it! So sweet of him. ▲ Like I said… SNOW!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ MORE STUFF ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Got hooked on Sherlock and found myself liking this cute facebook picture. Can’t wait for season 3. ▲ Wow, I wrote about Veronica Mars last week and now it turns out there is going to be a movie after all. I must be psychic or something (a very logical explanation I think). I’m SO EXCITED!!! ▲ You MUST watch something by Derren Brown. I had never heard of him until a good friend of mine introduced me and now I’ve seen every episode he’s ever made… oops. My favorite episodes: Apocalypse, The Secret of Luck, Svengali (a theatre show) and well, I almost like everything he’s made. The Secret of Luck is up on youtube, here is a link. It’s a good one to start of with! I seriously teared up at the end… ▲ My sister started a youtube channel! This month she tries to make 1 video a day, talking about how she deals with life right now (and also about fun stuff, like movies). I think she’s super brave for being so honest (and being on camera!) and I think she deserves some viewers. Go check it out :) (I kind of freaked out one time when I had one of her videos on in the background, because I really thought I heard my own voice, hehe!) ▲ Today I woke up with a horrrrible cold. Does anyone of you have a great tip to get rid of it quickly? ▲ Thanks to Annemerel’s post I rediscovered my old Dido album “Life for Rent”. There’s some serious nostalgia going on when I’m listening to it. I forgot how great it was. ▲

A song to close this up:

No diggity! (can’t beat the original, but nevertheless enjoyable ;) )

And last but not least, a request: please leave me your blog-url, because I want to discover some new lovely blogs (as I’m sure yours is)! :)