Ginger & Rosa

Ginger & Rosa

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Yesterday was movie-night, so we lit some candles and a fire and curled up on the couch. We watched this beauty, Ginger & Rosa. It was SUCH a pretty and inspiring movie. And also a bit heartbreaking.

Ginger & Rosa is a story about two best friends who share everything together, but slowly drift apart because of how different they turn out to be. It’s all set in the sixties, which was the time where the Cold War met the sexual revolution and nuclear bombs were a threat; it was the decade in which people were experimenting with how one should live. There was a whole generation who wanted to figure things out for themselves and who did not want to go down the traditional route. Ginger’s father is a perfect example of the sixties zeitgeist, who instead of apologizing to Ginger comes up with this “excuse”: ‘Antonymous thought, personal truth, freedom of action (…) these have been my guiding principles’. All nice words, but by doing so he hurt his daughter enormously. Everyone’s thinking about themselves, but who is thinking about Ginger? And, like Ginger asks throughout the movie, what about the world?!

Anyway, I can talk for hours about this, but let’s just watch the trailer:

It’s pretty right? I’m in a 60’s mood ever since (minus the nuclear war stuff – although, is it really different nowadays?). Too bad my wardrobe isn’t exactly 60’s proof, hmm… But I’ll be definitely wearing some winged eyeliner today.