Yep, that’s me, sitting on top of a washing machine

Yep, that’s me, sitting on top of a washing machine

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To everyone who left their blogurl at one of my latest posts: yay! To everyone who didn’t: WHY NOT? Let people discover it! You can still leave it! :)

Let me be honest: I’m kind of at loss what to write about. Is there a blogging school? Maybe I should take a lesson.

When I came about a post up on Emma’s blog (it’s super cute, check it out!), I realized that she worded perfectly what I’ve been experiencing for the past years. Blogging has changed. People are doing it for money. People are treating it like a job. There’s nothing wrong with that (I actually think it’s pretty cool), but it’s a lot different than how it’s used to be and a whole lot different than how I used to blog. Back in my day (I know I sound like a grandma right now…) the word “blog” wasn’t even around! Everyday I had to use that super slow annoying dial-up connection to log in and write lousy entries about my school day (yes, almost every single day – I think I even wrote about my food habits) and that was it. It was a diary. And later on, when I didn’t want to be as boring as I used to be, I also began to write movie reviews. And after that I bought a camera and started to use more pictures than words (pictures of my feet, but nonetheless they were pictures).

When blogs became popular and everyones friend of a friend’s niece started one AND you could make money out of it, it really changed everything for me. I felt pressured to deliver entertaining content, not just once a week, but every day. That’s what blogging is, right? Delivering content, every single day. So people will follow you, add you on bloglovin and your stock will eventually go up. But it didn’t feel right to me and it still doesn’t. It’s just not my way of blogging. I started to take it way too seriously and I knew it wasn’t right for me. So I quit my blog while I was living abroad (sitting on top of washing machines) and I really enjoyed that time.

After a while though, I realized I really missed being creative. And then this thing was born. Now I really love blogging again. I post about the things I love and my experiences and that for me is what it’s all about. I also really like the fact that a lot of people take the time to leave a comment (I really do, thank you so much!). I know my blog isn’t exactly HOT STUFF (I have a category named “granny hobby” for god’s sake), my drawings are really mediocre and my love for Silent Witness is kind of embarrassing, but I still LOVE it. I think that’s really important. And yes, I sometimes do feel pressured to update, but I just keep telling myself that this has to be fun. If I don’t want to update, I just don’t do it…

Anyway, this was a really long and boring way of me saying: I don’t want to update every single day. I’m simply not that bothered with making money, I am way too lazy to blog everyday and I just want to make fun stuff!

Thanks for letting me share. See you next post (hopefully). And if you have any thoughts to share on this topic, please do!