About a year ago my friends thought I (the grandma of the club) had gone crazy when I proposed to them to go on a so-called “booze cruise” with me. Which, in hindsight (ALWAYS IN HINDSIGHT), turned out to be a little bit true. Because it was. Crazy, I mean. But it also was something I wouldn’t have wanted to miss in a lifetime.

Let me explain the crazy part. We took a bus to Stockholm, stayed there for two days and then took the boat to Tallinn, were we would spend the night in our own hut. I don’t really think the word “boat” did the enormous thing justice though. The floating thingy consisted of more than five floors of crazy stuff, like a pianobar and a karaokebar and a cinema, and a danceclub and, well, you name it, it was there. And I know that in itself those things aren’t particularly crazy, but on a floating thing?! Whoah… (I’m from a small village, I’m easily impressed). We wandered around the boat for the rest of the night, blew out some candles for Jessica’s 21’st birthday and finally ended up in tha club.

Sounds normal, you say? What’s crazy about that, you ask? Well, because it was organized by ESN (an international student network), the first night the boat was filled with (DARE I SAY IT?) h*rny students, ready to hump anyone who was available. And then there were the normal people like me, who just wanted to have a good time WITHOUT ROCKING ANY BEDS, mind you. I felt like I needed a rape whistle while walking through the corridors when looking for my hut (let me make a disclaimer here: I like to exaggerate. I didn’t need a rape whistle. Just a chastity belt). After the twentieth person tried to hit on me (because I’m so hot of course), I decided that I either had to become a lesbian for the night or be married. In case they found lesbians to be hot, which I would understand, because they totally are, I went for the latter. It worked surprisingly well and I went from being hump-able to being utterly boring and no prey at all. It worked wonders! I even had someone say to me “YOU ARE BORING!”. Well, tell me something I don’t know, POOPHEAD*! I had a good laugh about that one!

After a short (crazy) night we arrived in Estonia’s capitol: Tallinn. It was a rainy day, but thankfully Tallinn was colorful enough itself to still be interesting and pretty.


Tallinn is the capitol of Estonia and only has 400.000 residents (which is 1/3 of the total population of Estonia). It’s a small city, but there is still plenty to see. We climbed up a church tower to shoot some pictures from above and I’m really glad with how they turned out!

I have never been to Russia, so I’m not really sure about this, but I found Tallinn to be looking rather Russian. It’s super pretty! Which is not that weird, considering Estonia was a part of the Soviet Union until 1991. Nowadays they have the Euro (which makes paying a lot easier – although it also takes away a little bit of the fun of traveling I think) and I found everything to be very reasonably priced. Or at least more on the cheap side. Now, I don’t know anything about the prices of hotels and stuff, but a friend of mine has travelled the Baltic States on a very limited budget and she found it totally do-able.

Tallinn is perfect for a day-trip, because it’s rather small. If I were you I would combine it with a visit to the other Baltic states, or, if you are in for some crazy stuff, book a trip via an agency and take the boat with a lot of other students ;) I was living in Sweden when I booked this and it was the easiest way for me to arrange it.

After walking around Tallinn for a day, we went back aboard the ship to party some more. This time without the touchy-feely students, who stayed behind. Much better ;-)

A rocky trip? Yes! Quite hilarious? Yes! Totally worth it? YES!

*I originally wanted to put in a very dirty word, but I think I’ve already exceeded the dirty limit with my mention of the word h*rny. Whoops!