When I was in Sweden I had no problem with going out for a run (almost) everyday. It only took me one step out of my building to be running among the trees, the weather was almost always great, I had some suitable music on my Ipod and all that just really made me love running outside. Somehow that great habit stopped being a habit when I came back home. Since then I went to the gym only twice, which is kind of embarrassing because I’ve been home for more than half a year…. Yes, you read that right! I did purchase new running thights two weeks ago, in hope of giving myself that “push”, but I’ve only wore them once… oops…

I kind of don’t mind not being a sporty type (I will probably never walk a marathon and I don’t mind a bit), but there are moments when I kind of wished I was in top shape. I know I have to be realistic (I’m not 100% healthy, although I’d rather not talk about that on my blog – this is my happy place ;) ), but seeing top-fit people around me and on screen, it makes me feel a bit jealous. I’d rather not see it that way though, and try to look at it in a positive way. I’d rather feel inspired! And that’s what happens when I watch these movies. It makes me want to hop into my new thights, put my hair up in a bun and work my ass off. And how about that great feeling afterwards? I love the feeling after a good work-out!

Here are the three movies that will maybe give you that little push as well (and if not, than that’s totally fine, they are enjoyable as it is)

Fast Girls (2012)
A girl from a bad neighbourhood in the UK lands a spot at the national running team and OF COURSE not everything goes as planned… Very cliché story, but one of the few “sporty” movies I’ve seen that’s not about dancing. Has a great soundtrack for getting you pumped up and contains a lot of fitspiration (normally I hate that word… but oh well). It’s a fairly new movie and I’m a bit suprised that it hasn’t gotten more press.

Make it Happen (2008)
Dancing! Yay! Story is a bore (girl from small town goes to big town to try and make it into super hard dance school), but the dancing is great (as far as I can tell… I’m not a professional of course). I really like that the lead character is not super skinny, just looking really healthy and owning it!

Step Up (2006)
I’m sorry, but if Jenna Dewan doesn’t make you want to dance, then I don’t know what will. Also: Channing Tatum. Woof!

! Let me clarify that for me it is not about being skinny, but about feeling healthy and fit and being comfortable in your own body! Being skinny or having curves, everyone is beautiful. No body-shaming here !

Anyway, I think I’m going for a run again next week. I’ve really missed it!

In other news: tomorrow it’s International Women Day! What are you doing to “celebrate”? I’ll be attending a lecture at our local library with a friend about the role of women in the Spring Revolution. Hope it’s interesting! :-)

* Loosely based on a Miley Cyrus lyric that’s been stuck in my head for days…