Way too much text (also has the word ASS in it)

Way too much text (also has the word ASS in it)

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Let’s start this 50th post (yay!) with some instagram pictures:

We went for a long two hour walk this weekend and ended up by the sea. It was sooo cold! I love this picture my boyfriend took of me :) ▲ I drink lots and lots of tea with this cold weather. This one is gentle green tea, with a lot of pretty colours in it ▲ Don’t know why I included this (probably to complete this collage, hehe), but here you can see the contents of my make-up bag. ▲ I took my written driver’s license test (Auto-theorie? Learner’s permit? Translation?) and I passed, yay! Now I just have to get the courage to actually take a driving-lesson… This is a picture of a stupid question in my theory book.

Monday my family from the south came to visit us and we went for a walk (pictured: my niece, nephew and sister) ▲ Me again, with the light-house in the background.

Hey guys! Or girls. Women? I don’t know, which one do you prefer? Well, this week was pretty eventful I must say. Remember I just moved? Turns out that we have to move again! Yes, who would have thought?! The house we are living in (my father’s) has been on the market for 1,5 years, we live in it for almost two months and suddenly it’s sold. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Of course we knew this could happen, but I must say we were pretty shocked it actually happened so soon. Happy for my father of course, but nonetheless a little bit of a bummer for us. Or maybe a new challenge? Hm, I must say it has kept me awake a few nights already, although I do know we will be fine. As long as we’re together, right? (aaw, too much cheese?)

Let’s move on (ha-ha, pun intended).

Have you heard about Annemerel‘s Fit For Summer project? When she added me to the facebook group I jokingly asked her if it was a hint and I kind of dismissed the idea to actually join in, but I soon realized that this was actually the “little push” I was waiting for. Long story short: I plan to complete the Fit For Summer challenge! This week we have to do a 30 minute cardio work-out everyday for five days, so we can take the weekend off or take a rest-day in between. Totally do-able! Yesterday I started the week by biking to my mom, which with the strong wind turned out to be a tough 45 minute ride (times two, cause we had to go back as well). Today I decided to skip the work-out, because my ASS felt sore (I need more fat on my ass!!! Now let’s hope my upper-thighs will hear this and can TAKE A HINT) and my back needed some rest. Instead I watched Sex and the City and ate some american pancakes with strawberries (hey, I need some fuel as well, right?). Tomorrow I will be back in the game and probably go to the gym. Or maybe go for a run if the sun is shining… fingers crossed on that one. Anyway, I’m pretty excited about this challenge. I was missing some routine in my life and this will add some, if only a little (pathetic? me? a little bit? maybe). If you want to join in as well: here is a link to the facebook group.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ MORE STUFF ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

(my sister)

My sister has completed a month of vlogging and I think she’s pretty good at it! Last week she wanted some new profile pictures taken (I also promised to make her “channel art”? Should look into that) and by doing so I also made my youtube debut in one of her vlogs. Curious about her vlogs? Check it out! ♥ I am realllllly excited for Sofia’s new movie The Bling Ring. Emma Watson was great in The Perks of being a Wallflower and I think she will be great in this new one. The trailer looks good! ♥ This week I’m going to have a lot of girl time. Tomorrow Nathalie will come visit me (so brave of her, coming all the way to the end of the world! lol), friday I’m shooting again with Tara (although she doesn’t know this yet, but I’ll be totally bringing my camera), saturday night I’ll be catching up with a highschool friend whom I haven’t spoken to in almost three years (it’s been waaaay too long) and Kim will also be in Holland this week, so yay! ♥ I had a good laugh about Mascha’s April Fools joke. A cheese mask? Really?! Have you fooled anyone yesterday? ♥ Have I told you I love Bill Murray? No? Well, I LOVE HIM. He’s amazing. I finally watched Steve Zissou and the Life Aquatic this week and goddd, that dance of his. I’m laughing just thinking about it (probably only funny if you’ve seen the movie). ♥ If you have a burning question for me, you can now ask it via the link in my menu on the right —-> you see? I don’t know if anyone is ever going to use it, but I thought it would be fun. ♥ What the… hahaha, this is awful. Who made this up?!

And as usual, a song to close it all up:

Because Lost in Translation is always a good idea.

Have a good week everybody! Hope you are all doing well!