Last week we took a trip to Frankfurt. It was sort of a “things I want to do before I die” slash “we have vouchers, so let’s use them” kind of thing. The first one because of the great importance Frankfurt has had in the ~realm of philosophy~ (my boyfriend wrote his thesis about Adorno) and the second because we had some left over hotel tickets we had to use before the end of july. Even though we were both excited to go on this roadtrip and explore Frankfurt, I think we both couldn’t have predicted we would love this city so much. Yes, I use the word LOVE. I’ll show you why.

It took us almost a five hour drive to get there. No biggie! We stopped a few times along the way to get some icecream or enjoy the good weather. We were not in a hurry.

We stayed in a hotel in the south of Frankfurt, a five minute train ride from the city centre, not only because it was cheap for us with the vouchers (we’re students after all), but also because we had to park our (borrowed) car somewhere. This is us, waiting for the train to arrive to take us to the city centre. We were both a bit tired from the long drive, but as you can see, we were ready to explore – yiha! (lol) (speaking of which: I had my first driving lesson today -eek!).

Frankfurt am Main, by some called Mainhattan, is the fifth largest city of Germany and the largest financial centre in continental Europe (not to mention also the location of the European Central Bank). I have never been to Manhattan (or the USA for that matter), nevertheless it wasn’t that difficult to figure out what they meant by calling Frankfurt Mainhattan. The tall skyscrapers dominate the (urban) Frankfurter landscape, which not only comes in handy while trying to find your location, but also gives it that real “Metropolitan” feel. Frankfurt was severely bombed during WOII and therefore we expected a very grey city. We sure did not expect the cozy city we’ve experienced! But cozy it was. They rebuilt a lot in an “old” architectural style (please forgive me, I don’t know a single thing about architecture) and also used a lot of greenery.

(walking through living areas)

The first day, after our arrival, we wandered around the city and enjoyed the good weather. Also: BEER! Of course. We were in Germany after all.

The second day we took the train again and we had a list of thing we wanted to see. First and foremost we wanted to visit Adorno’s grave and the places he worked and lived. The rest of the day we wandered off again and shopped a little (with the emphasis on little – but Frankfurt is amazing if you want to shop and spend a lot of money).

Colourful houses (in case you were wondering).

Our tram. Just thought it would make a colourful picture.

Skyline from a bridge across the Main.

“Love locks” at the Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge).

The university. HUGE building.

Yellow phonebooth! Just thought it was funny, we don’t really have those in the Netherlands :) I also have a picture with Joost posing in it, but I have a feeling he does not want that one living for ever on the internet.

Boyfriend in front of Adorno’s grave. Just paying our respects!

View from our hotelroom (me being all Charlotte’y).

After our second day of wandering the city, we went back to our hotel room and watched the sun go down. We had such great weather during our visit. Finally some sun! And warmth! It certainly helped us love Frankfurt even more. But even when the sun is playing hooky, there is still a LOT to do in Frankfurt. You could:

Visit the bookstores and marvel at the huge philosophy sections ▲ Shop until you drop ▲ Take pictures in front of a skyscraper and post it on Facebook with the caption “WENT TO NEW YORK FOR A DAY AND IT WAS AWSOME” ▲ Walk around the living areas and pick out your future house, they are all so beautiful ▲ Go into the old part of town and drink some Apfelwein (which is kind of like cider) ▲ Go near the university areas where they have a lot of carton boxes filled with secondhand stuff and buy some old books (if you can read German) ▲ Eat (cheap &) delicious sushi in this tiny restaurant on “Theodor Adorno Platz”, so tiny it’s not even on Google Maps ▲ Strike a pose in one of the yellow telephone boxes ▲ Get something to eat on a streetstand, from Frankfurter Würst to your regular thai noodles and it eat it while watching some street performers ▲ After a certain hour all bars and terraces are filled with businessmen and women, drinking a hard earned beer. Walking around earns you one too, so you could always join them! ▲ If you want it to feel like home, go to Starbucks, there is one on almost every streetcorner ▲ Visit musea, there are enough to choose from ▲ Add a lock on the Eiserner Steg (see one of the above pictures).

Conclusion? Absolutely worth a visit!