Jep, my bathing suit! I went for a swim this thursday (and the one before that) and it was surprisingly fun. ▲ Nathalie came to visit me and here I was waiting for her to arrive at the trainstation. I felt a bit like a tour guide when I was showing her “my” city. We enjoyed the nice weather (which means: ICECREAM) and had a great day! ▲ This may not be the most healthiest drink I know, but it sure is the most delicious one. Pick up your favorite vanilla icecream, throw in some strawberries (or other red fruit), add a little bit of milk and blend it. Especially good when the sun is shining! ▲ Kim bought me a tiara for my birthday, how cool?! She knows me so well! This is pretty accurate.
Last weekend the sun was shining and Kim needed some pictures of her outfit. You can go over to her blog to check out the final results. She also took my new facebook profile picture.
My wallpaper, a movie still from Ginger & Rosa. ▲ We went to the local movie theatre and saw “The Master”. I’m not sure what to think of it, but it wasn’t really my cup of tea, I guess… ▲ I went to the gym! (it felt a bit weird to take pictures, but luckily it was quiet) ▲ Some people ask me why I don’t go to the gym more often when I get to work out for free. Well, it’s simple really: when I go to my gym, it also feels like work. Because I work there. And EVERY time (I’m not kidding) someone will come up to me and “bother” me with work stuff. It sounds a bit dramatic (again, I refer to the “dramaqueen” category this blog has), but sometimes that can be a bit frustrating. Yesterday it went alright, I almost escaped the curse (!), until five minutes before leaving my boss came up to me. And I’m really bad at saying no, so this morning I was standing in front of our old Town Hall handing out flyers… I had fun, but, well, let’s say it proves my point ;-)

Other stuff:

Last weekend I met up with Anne, whom I hadn’t spoken to in almost 4 (!) years. Honestly, it felt like yesterday when I was talking to her. Yes, a great way to spend my saturday night :) ♥ Is there someone else here who is following The Office? Am I the only one who thinks Jim is becoming kind of a dick?! ♥ I took me a few times replaying it, but now I’m hooked… Miley, you got me again. ♥ Tonight I’m going to watch Tara perform. She’s playing at a local café and I’m going there with my boyfriend to enjoy some cocktails (and beers, probably). Oh, and champagne of course, because tomorrow I turn 23. Seriously, when did that happen?! ♥ I laughed way too hard when I saw this. I think my favorite is Radimir! ;) ♥ There is DEFINITELY going to be Veronica Mars movie, yay! ♥ “WHEN MEN ARE OBJECTIFIED – EXAMINING JON HAMM” Interesting read. Also: this. I don’t necessarily agree with every single thing that’s being said in these articles, but it is certainly food for thought. ♥ Next week we will explore Frankfurt. Have you been there before? If so, what is a must-see? ♥

To finish up this post, here is one of my favorite work-out songs:

I mean, come on, ain’t no way they can stop me now! (yes, I listen to rap during my work-out) (& yes, I also take myself way too seriously)