Tara and I had too much fun talking about feminism and good music yesterday (lol, that sounds so pretentious but I swear we are no hipsters yo, we aren’t even cool enough to be hipsters), that we didn’t have time to take pictures. We did make plans to record a music-video for one of her songs though, which I think is going to be so much fun. I’ve always wanted to try and record something. That will probably happen next week.

Because I don’t have anything thing new to show you, I wanted to share some older pictures I took of Tara. These are from almost three years ago and I still love them. It was my first “real photoshoot” with my first “real” camera at the time and it went all sorts of wrong because of the bad lighting (I did not yet have my 50mm lense at the time), but I still think they look ok. My intention was for them to be kind of cinematic looking and I think I sort of succeeded!

By all means: I am not a professional photographer, but I really enjoyed creating these and that is what it’s all about right?