Hi everyone! You have to excuse me for the messy layout. I’m trying to come up with a pretty blog design, but so far no luck. Instead I accidentally erased a few blogposts (HOW?!), messed up the fonts and got a big headache from all of the coding stuff. I have zero inspiration in the blogdesign department at the moment! Help. Anyway, because a friend of mine is leaving next week for a working-trip to Malmö, it got me inspired to post the pictures I took while I was there in 2012 (geez, time flies). Have you been there before?

Although it was very cold during our visit (around -10C) and we had to drink a lot of coffee to get warm, these pictures really make me long for snow! I never really appreciated winter before my trip to Sweden (and before investing in a realllly warm coat – believe me, it makes all the difference). We also went back a second time in April. By then, the sun was shining and Malmö was even more pretty. I’ll go and dust off those pictures soon as well :)

(It feels a bit weird posting pictures from last year! Blogging is all about “the now”, so it seems. But: next week we’ll be spending the weekend in Newcastle and I’m so excited to bring my camera!)