Blogtalk (blah blah blah)

Blogtalk (blah blah blah)

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Whoops, looks like I’ve missed an anniversary! It has been a little bit over a year now since I’ve started this blog in English and so far it has been the greatest decision I’ve ever made (blogging wise of course). Sure, I had doubts about going the English route and sure, I lost A LOT of readers because of it, but it’s been worth it! I love working on a blogpost; thinking about what I want to write about, tweaking with the colour theme of the post, searching for pretty pictures or creating something on paper myself (and scanning it later). Sharing new music, films, blogs or series, coming up with lousy tags (nonsensical references is probably my fav’) and afterwards reading the fun comments you leave me; I love it all! So, thank you!

A few of the many instagram shots I posted

I started this blog in June 2012 and published (this one included) 86 posts. Quite a few of them (16) are about film, 4 about my travels, 1 about Gilmore Girls and a lot are about my life.

Here are some of my favourite blogposts from the past year:
(I know, it’s really arrogant to say something like that about your own created content, but who cares)

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Sometimes I do feel like I should post more often (which is probably true! hehe) and that I should post BETTER stuff. All around me I see people who are turning “pro” and are doing it as a job, investing a lot of time and creating great content. I sometimes feel I have to compete with that. But for me to think and worry about that in the first place is crazy, because I’ve been getting nothing but nice feedback and comments from you. It’s all inside my own head. And besides: it’s about having fun, there’s no freaking blogging olympics going on, right? ;-) I do have some goals though, here they are:

My aims for the next year of

1. Take and post more pictures. My Canon 450D is gathering dust and that’s not the way it should be!
2. Yes, I am going to try and update more often. Not because I feel it’s a must, but because I want to. Even though I’m busy with my studies, a job, having a social life and keeping my house clean, I WANT to spend more time blogging. It’s fun & relaxing :)
3. Finally doing that giveaway I’ve been planning.

Oh, yes, before I forget (if you’ve made it this far through all my blabber, thank you, you trooper), I started a Facebook page for my blog yesterday. I had one in the past, neglected it and finally deleted it after a while, but now I feel it can be a great way to BORE YOU WITH EVEN MORE STUFF. Here is the link: (or you can click on the image below)

Sidenote: I don’t have twitter to share my antics, so if you are going to push that “like” button, don’t say I didn’t warn you ;-)

Laf joe all, it’s been a blast so far, thanks for sticking with me!