Home Decor

We have been living in our new apartment for almost a week now and every day it’s starting to feel more like home. Interior design is one of the things I really enjoy and for me the challenge of spending little money, but having great results, is always a fun one! I always like to spend a trip to the thriftstore first, because you can find the greatest things if you really take a good look. And all that for just a few bucks. As you can see I’ve been cozying it up big time. Candles, (fake) flowers, using all kind of things as candleholders (the one in the picture on the right is actually an old jar of jam) and re-using stuff we already owned. I might change it all again next week, but for now it feels good to have a little more stuff in here. Especially when both the walls and our bookcase are still a bit empty (we still have to get our books out of storage). Right now I’m thinking about what to do with our bedroom… hmm…


Alas, at the moment a big chunk of my time goes into my education. I’m seriously really stressed out by all of the deadlines that are seem to be set all in the same week. HOW do they expect me to already have a subject for my master thesis by the end of next week?! Seriously, HOW?! Let’s move on to the next point, before I have to breathe into a paper bag again.

Things I bought

I never really understood HAULS or shop logs or whatever they are called nowadays, but I get that it can be fun and you maybe even get a little bit inspired. Though I’d never film one myself, here are a few of my buys from the past months. Just because I love them so much! (I excluded all the boring stuff I bought for the apartment, a bath mat is probably not that exciting)

Two cookbooks: Gordon Ramsey’s Ultimate Cookery Course and The British Book of Baking. Two dvd box sets: Girls (season 1+2) and Gossip Girl (the entire series). I bought them in Newcastle and they where both ridiculously cheap. And, excuse the selfie, but it’s just something I’ve been wearing almost everyday since our trip to Newcastle: a chunky red/orange scarf from the H&M men section. Definitely worth the investment.

Things I have been loving

I love the 50 days project by Lianne. Great idea to (re)evaluate your year and maybe get something extra out of it. Lianne always has great articles, full of humour, that make you think about your life and are most of the time very easily applicable.

Ellie Goulding. I’ve been getting a bit obsessed with her actually. She’s so cute and her songs (especially this one) are real feel-good songs.

My own fall playlist (yes, I know, but I’m REALLY loving it).

Fleetwood Mac. I’m still buzzing from the concert. We have been playing Rumours a lot lately (yay for finally being able to use our recordplayer again!).

My Burts and Bees lip balm. (Yes, my (study)world is really small nowadays, even a lip balm can make me happy.) I included a link to the website, not because I get paid when I do, but because it maybe makes it easier to find, since I bought it in a dutch shop and that’s not really helpful to foreign visitors.

This daycream (CURRANT & PEACH 24-h Moisture Smoothie) by Sans Soucis Naturkosmetik. I got it from Annemerel when I went to visit her a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it ever since. I have a really dry skin and this one is perfect for me! Let’s hope it will also get me through the cold cold (brrr!) winter. Also a big plus: this is a vegan and “animal cruelty”-free brand!

And a song (of course)

Lorelai by Fleet Foxes.

Have a great weekend everyone!
(mine is going to be full of studying… feel free to send me some wisdom vibes ;))