“I’m prison Mike!” (sorry, inside joke for fellow watchers of “The Office”)

Hi everyone! Well, this post is long overdue. We went to Newcastle the first weekend of November and now it’s already the 12th. I think I should hire a personal assistant! Drop me your resume. I’m not picky, I just want someone to cater me 24/7 and you should already have experience with being a PA for A-list celebs ;-) No, but all kidding aside, I HAVE been really busy with moving and studying, yadayaaaa, boringgggg. UPDATES, soon, promise! And if you want to know what I’m up to in the mean time, check my instagram.

I really wanted to write an extremely long and detailed post about our trip, but due to my bad planning skills this picture post will have to do… As you can see, Newcastle was beautiful. We had a great time over there! I can definitely recommend a visit!

Hope you’re all ok xx

EDIT Also interested in a trip to Newcastle? We booked our trip with SDFS Seaways through Groupon and got a really great deal. We stayed an extra night in a hotel, which I think was definitely worth it to being able to spend a little more time in the city. (and no, I’m not getting paid to say this ;) )