Hi everyone! Hope your Christmas was a nice and laid-back as mine! The first day we spent at my boyfriends parents house (very “gezellig”, as we say in dutch!) and the second day we drove to my family in the southern part of the country. While we were in the neighbourhood, we also drove over to Ghent, to pay a visit to Kim and her boyfriend. Why not, right? We’ve only been away for four days, but it felt like a real vacation. Here are some pictures :)

(As you can see I also tried to make GIFs from the videos I took while testing my camera. Not as good as I want them to be yet, but I’ll keep tweaking!)

Sunday we visited Kim and her boyfriend in Ghent. We walked around the city, drank some hot choco and Kim cooked a delicious meal for us. It was so good to see them again :)

As I said, we also visited my family for a few days. My nephew is a real talent on the piano and he played some stuff for us!

While visiting my family we ate the perfect Christmas meal, played boardgames, exchanged some gifts and went on a long afternoon walk on the beach.

Can’t believe it’s going to be 2014 in only a few hours… Happy new year everyone! I wish you all a good health, love love love and happiness! ♥ ♥ ♥