Fairtrade and a lot of giggles

Because I’m supahfamous (not really), I get a lot of e-mails from companies who want to feature their product on this blog, either by organising a give-away or for me to write an advertorial about their product in exchange for money. Most of them I turn down, because they simply don’t “fit”, it’s as simple as that. But when Fairminds e-mailed me last week about the M-Brace, I though it might be something that WOULD fit with my blog. Fairtrade is certainly something I think is very important, I like the story behind the bracelet and I also thought the design was beautiful.

The fair trade jewelry line M-brace, the winning design from the Design Your Own Silver – Contest of Minds Fair, is a co-creation with Dutch design students, a fair trade supplier and the Mexican silversmith Vladimir. This particular bracelet, the M-Brace, was a design by Marlous and if you want you can check out a video about her and her visit to the Mexican silversmith’s workshop.

As you can see, the bracelet consists of a leather bracelet that you double wrap around your wrist and connect through the silver bead. I got the silver leaf, because I thought it was delicate and really beautiful, but they also have other beads to choose from. There was only one problem though: the bracelets are suitable for an average wrist between 16.5 to 18 cm and I have REALLY small wrists (hey, it’s not funny), so it was way too big for me. If you want you can easily costumize the bracelet by cutting of a piece of the leather and making a new hole of course, but not wanting to demolish the bracelet, I decided to look for someone with a regular wrist and who might like to have the bracelet. ENTER: MY SISTER. So, this friday, after a lot of giggling, I ended up with some pretty pictures and she ended up with a beautiful bracelet.

Here is a link to the M-brace in the webshop of Fairminds. You can also buy it at the stores WAAR and the Wereldwinkel. The M-Brace costs €25,95.

I did not get paid to write this. I did get the bracelet to shoot some pictures with (which I then used to bribe my sister into being my model ;)).

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3 Responses to Fairtrade and a lot of giggles

  1. Leonie says:

    Hahaha, ik dacht, ‘huh, heeft ze haar haar geverfd?’ maar het is dus je zusje. Supertoffe armband en fijn dat je alleen dat vertelt waar je ook echt achterstaat. Ik heb al wel genoeg armbandjes, but I’ll keep it in mind.



  2. Jolien says:

    Hey! Zijn deze foto’s in je eigen huisje genomen? Zo ja, welke kleur heb je op de muur? Ik ben al heel lang op zoek naar zoiets! X




    Hoi! Nee, dat is mijn zusjes kamer! Ik heb het even gevraagd, maar we weten alleen nog dat het verf is van Flexa. Succes! :)



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