Picture time!

Sunday breakfast at our own home. It feels so nice to have our own place again, I absolutely love it (and don’t worry, I did not force my boyfriend to watch Gossip Girl with me!) ♥ I ordered a book for school (something to do with my master thesis, can’t believe that has already appeared on my to do list) and found the envelope to be a real masterpiece. ♥ Last week we paid a visit to one of our favourites shops: IKEA. We spent a lot more money than anticipated, but it was worth every single penny. We bought some curtains and also this footstool (it was on sale, I simply could not leave it behind). ♥ On instagram I posted a really lame joke accompanying this picture. Something with grenades and a certain Bruno Mars song. Couldn’t help myself.

On instagram there’s this thing called “throwback thursday” (or tuesday? don’t know actually). I decided to post some pictures I took during my stay in Sweden (2012). A picture from Malmö, a picture I took in Ystad and the other one is my dorm room. One of my friends I met there messaged me on Facebook this week and something he said made me realise: it has been almost 2 years since I started my semester in Lund. That’s crazy! It really feels like yesterday. ♥ Hot choco and WHIPPED CREAM. How could I ever survive the dark cold seasons without those two?

Another buy from Ikea: our storage shelves for the kitchen. Super cheap, still cute. On the right you can see my other solution for storing stuff in a small kitchen: hanging stuff on the wall. Why not, right? The “poffertjes” pan I scored at the thriftstore for only 2,5 euros. I was looking for one for ages! ♥ The second picture is one of some details from our living room :-)

Just chillin’ outside our window.

Sorting through some old photographs I took. My friends are super pretty :-) (Tara & Kim)

I took this picture on our way to the thriftstore. Thirty minutes later it was raining cats and dogs… grrrr… we still had to walk back. Lol. Oh well, it was fun.

First Aid Kit! Beautiful music, love love love. I wrote about it before over here. If you just want to hear it, click for a link to the album on youtube (it’s a link to their first album “The big black and the blue”, my favourite). ♥ I posted about this on my Facebookpage; apple buns. Really easy to make and super delicious! This and a 6 hour documentary on WWII are the ingredients for the perfect sunday afternoon.

The pictures make it look like I had a lot of fun! I did have a lot of fun of course, but the past few weeks have also been really busy, with my studies and some extra job stuff. I had to do a presentation (it went well, thank you brains for not failing me that day!), narrow down a subject for my master thesis (it sounds easier than it actually is, trust me) and hand in a few assignments. The usual study stuff, you may say. Currently I’m also busy with enrolling for my classes for next semester. Hopefully I’ll get in! And other than that…


Can we talk about Catching Fire please? Wow, I thought it was awesome. Of course, it’s another story about a love triangle (cough, Twilight) and you can hardly call it CINEMAH, but nevertheless, I thought it was very enjoyable. My sweet sister took me to see it and we were both very impressed with it. I was also rather relieved to hear that she had difficulty with holding back her the tears as well. It had some pretty intense scenes. Jennifer Lawrence was AMAZING in it and I thought Jenna Malone was a great addition to the film. Yes, I can really recommend it! I think I’m going to watch it for a second time this weekend… not sure.

What I’ve been reading: Schoolstuff (ZzzZzzz) and also this one by Madeleine Albright. I think I’m in love with that woman and everything she writes. She is currently a professor at the University of Georgetown and it would be so awesome to follow one of her classes. Who knows, right? (yeah, fat chance). Next book on the agenda? Probably something by Hannah Arendt. I still have to read that one about Eichmann, it’s waiting for me on my bookshelf (my boyfriend bought it).

The next obsession I blame fully on Spotify (and alright, a little bit on myself for actually installing and trying out the program in the first place): DRAKE. Yes, you read that right. Quite a leap, from Hannah Arendt to Drake! He’s not on my “like to spend a ~romantic moment~ with” list and I don’t think he is going to be on it in the future (don’t be sad Drake, it’s a rather small list anyway, and very hypothetical and imaginary to say the least), but the past week his music has been gracing my ears more often than I’d like to admit. Favourites: Going Home (OF COURSE) and Take Care, his duet with Rihanna.

Links I think you should check out ( (internet) friends edition):

Zenfiles blog by Fleur (sorry for the non-dutchies!), ei lof it! ♥ Eva’s blog. Just because it’s awesome. Go show her some love. ♥ Lianne’s 50 day challenge (again). It’s not too late to join! ♥ Pay a visit to my link page for some other great blogs.

I probably forgot about a thousand others. For what it’s worth: I think you all rock.


I really really really wanted to share this song with you, because I think the clip is SUPER adorable. Watch it, you’ll know what I mean. There is also a part II. Equally heartbreaking, trust me.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to pretend to be cool and try and sing along with Drake while brushing my teeth. Tomorrow I’ll have to catch the train rather early, it will be another (long) day in The Hague. Funsies ;-) Good night everyone! x