Things I’ve done/loved/enjoyed/experienced/whatever
I GOT MY DRIVER’S LICENSE!!!! Best Christmas present to myself EVER. ♥ Also bought myself (another) present… A Canon 600D. My “old” one I sold to a friend of mine and I love that it has got such a good new home. It’s crazy how attached I got to that camera. But it was time for something new. ♥ Bought a lot of presents for friends/family. I LOVE buying presents, it’s probably my favourite thing to do. I don’t like shopping for myself, but I really enjoy buying (or making) great presents for others. So yes, purely selfish motives with that one ;) You don’t want a present? You beg me to not buy you a present? YOU GET ONE ANYWAY. DEAL WITH IT. ♥ Watched the new Hobbit film & luvvved it. ♥ Uni is driving my crazy. Sometimes I really can’t get to sleep when I think of all the assignments I still have to complete. Sucks. ♥ Spent a lot of quality time with friends & family the past few weeks. ♥ Listened to way too many christmas songs. ♥

Coming up
Christmas with family in Zeeland and a visit to Kim!!! (and a lot of studying, boooo) Oh, and a new Sherlock episode, yessss!

Right, I’m going to wrap some more presents now. In case I fail to update in the next few days: have yourselves are very merry Christmas and I wish you all a very happy new year!♥