Monday morning started early with a visit to Amsterdam. As you can see it was rather wet. Where is my snow?! ❆ We finally bought a frame! I got this poster at the Modern Museum in Malmö for my 22nd birthday. ❆ Passing Rotterdam on our way to my family in Zeeland. ❆ Owls are cute! This one has a place on our mantelpiece.

Nothing better than a crisp new shirt you found in sale.

On New Year’s Eve we had a little photoshoot with my new camera, a passe partout and our friend/sister. It was really really fun and we ended up with a lot of great pictures! (I only included our picture because I don’t know if the others would like to be on the internet ;))

A very pretty sky. ❆ A picture I took at the beach. ❆ A really healthy omelette. Balances out all of the Big Macs I’ve been eating lately… whoops #sorrynotsorry ❆ STUDYTIME. Not cool. Also: literally five minutes after this picture was taken I knocked over my coffee. Bye bye clean table cloth (which was actually an old curtain, so who cares right).

The past week has been a bit boring actually! Of course I could’ve been smarter and plan a bit better, but instead I had to work like crazy this week to be able to meet my deadlines. Who sets those things RIGHT AFTER Christmas break in the first place…?! That’s just bad manners! Ahem. Anyway, because of said deadlines I was stuck to my laptop these past few days, typing away and staring at the ceiling in despair and typing again and then, when sunday came, I sent it in, right on the twelve o’clock dot (PM that is). And that’s about as exciting as my week would get.

At the moment, as we speak, I should actually be doing work for my other deadline this week. It’s master thesis time and on thursday we have to present our idea to a small panel of other students (again, my life is so exciting). The good news is: I have determined a subject. The bad news is: I still haven’t been able to formulate a real ~question~ from which to conduct my research (pooh, had a bit of difficulty with translating the term there, but let’s just leave it at that). It’s the most difficult part I think! Hope it will come to me when reading up about it.

Of course, me being inside and stuck behind my laptop for most of the time, also means a lot of procrastinating has been done. Here are some things I found and like to share:

Probably my life saver this week: the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. I know, I know, super geeky and whatevs, but if it’s good enough for Orlando Bloom, then it’s good enough for me (j/k, Lord of the Rings is awesome, just like Orli’s butt). Something about that music even makes essay writing an EPIC event (just as epic like… well, no, I’m not going to make that joke). ♥ THE NEW VERONICA MARS FILM IS ALMOST HERE!!! Watch the trailer over here. ♥ Just a few more nights of sleep and then there will also be a new episode of GIRLS! I’m so excited for the new season. Here’s a teaser. ♥ It’s a bit difficult to read a lot when you’ve been studying all day, but I do manage to read 1 or 2 chapters of Hilary Clinton’s book every day without falling asleep. I hope she will publish a book about her time as a Secretary of State soon! But maybe she’s too busy with running for president..? ;) ♥ I really like that Kim has been blogging a lot more lately! Go check that out if you want! :) ♥

Music, mix the bourgoise and the rebelllll, yeahhh ♫

I have been on a real David Bowie binge the past few days. This is probably one of my favourite songs. Did you know that the song is about two lovers who are separated by the Berlin Wall? Bowie wrote it in 1977 during his stay in West-Berlin.

Have a good week everyone ♥