Ugh, let me just be honest with you, I’m not feeling that well lately. Maybe it’s the greyness outside? I’ve been busy with school and there is also some not so cheery family stuff. On top of that I’m unproductive and even when I do manage to do something, I hate everything I write and every picture I take. FRUSTRATING. I’ll probably laugh about this in a week (fingers crossed), but right now it feels utterly frustrating. How did I suddenly become 16 again?! THERE ARE PEOPLE DYING IN SYRIA YOU KNOW, get a grip.

To snap myself out of this (or at least try), I decided to think about the things I loved the past few weeks. Here they are.

Two films, La Grande Bellezza (even thinking about it and it’s sheer beauty gives me goosebumps, it’s crazy) and August: Osage County (yep, the one with Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts). The last one was deeply depressing (lol, GREAT TIP ASHLEY, WOW), but definitely left an impression.

Spending time with my (girl)friends. I met up with Nathalie in Amsterdam, went to the cinema with Tara (twice! because, why not) and had some lunch with Anne. When I think about it they have all such different personalities and the kinds of friendship I have with them differ a lot. I guess that’s what I like about them :-) They probably don’t know it, but each of them always manage to inspire me after our meet-ups!

Getting random compliments about my blog (seriously, so sweet!). I felt a bit low about it, because of my lack in updating, so hearing someone loves reading it made my day :)

Getting some positive feedback about schoolwork (the second e-mail with feedback I do not dare to open). Apparently I’m doing quite alright on the first stages of writing my master-thesis, always nice to hear.

Thrifting and finding some real treasures for only 50 cents a piece. I picked up some books, found a new yellow cup to replace the one I broke (the exact same! what are the odds) and bought a kitchy crystal bowl to store my jewellery. SCORE.

Going for hot choco with my hot chico (AMMEGAHD I’m so funny). No, but seriously, it’s fun and delicious.

Playing “Cards Against Humanity” (my sister got it for her birthday!) and almost dying from laugher. That game is PURE evil! I had to read one with “African Children” as an answer and it was SO dark, I couldn’t even finish the sentence. People who played it know what I’m talking about! And if you don’t, I can highly recommend it, it’s great to play with friends over some drinks :)

Discovering great music. Like Mister and Mississippi! I knew about them before, but I never gave them a good listen. Here is a full album, and here are two covers I really like (YMCA and “Where are we now”).

Whoops, almost totally forgot this episode of the Graham Norton show with Lena Dunham! Have you also been watching the new episodes of Girls? Whooah crazy! So happy it’s back though :) Just like Sherlock! We only have one episode left to watch… why are those seasons only three episodes?!

This answer by Bill Murray on an AMA at (when asked about Wes Anderson):

Have a good weekend everybody!