The Veronica Mars film: opium for the fans

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Hello, this is me, reporting back from chipmunk central. My other two wisdom teeth have been removed and I now slightly resemble the chipmunk you would probably leave at the petstore because her other chipmunk friends are way cuter (seriously, just one huge -left- cheek, that’s just plain weird) and probably a lot less high-maintenance. Long story short: I’ve had way too much time on my hands. From watching the cooking channel (surprisingly less fun when you’re forcefeeding yourself through a straw) and binge watching three seasons of Friends, to getting a lot of grand stars in Mario Galaxy (little bit of advice: keep your friends close, but your friends with a Wii even closer). Also seen on that big black box right in front of the couch? THE NEW VERONICA MARS FILM. (had to be in caps) Are you ready for my very (not so much) in-depth review?

Don’t read this if you are still planning on watching it! SPOILERS AHEAD!