The Veronica Mars film: opium for the fans

Hello, this is me, reporting back from chipmunk central. My other two wisdom teeth have been removed and I now slightly resemble the chipmunk you would probably leave at the petstore because her other chipmunk friends are way cuter (seriously, just one huge -left- cheek, that’s just plain weird) and probably a lot less high-maintenance. Long story short: I’ve had way too much time on my hands. From watching the cooking channel (surprisingly less fun when you’re forcefeeding yourself through a straw) and binge watching three seasons of Friends, to getting a lot of grand stars in Mario Galaxy (little bit of advice: keep your friends close, but your friends with a Wii even closer). Also seen on that big black box right in front of the couch? THE NEW VERONICA MARS FILM. (had to be in caps) Are you ready for my very (not so much) in-depth review?

Don’t read this if you are still planning on watching it! SPOILERS AHEAD!

If you’re a Veronica Mars fan, you probably already know this film has been funded through Kickstarter. Or, as you could probably say, by the fans (us!). In some crazy way I thought I had also made a small donation, but according to the boyf. my recollection of events is entirely wrong and we actually forgot to donate. Oops. Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that without Kickstarter, this film would never have seen the day of light. And that is awesome, BUT, I also think it kind of shows in the film. Yep, I’m going to say something not-so positive about it… (but after this it’s all positive! I swear!).

I loved loved loved it, but if you’re not a fan of Veronica Mars, this film probably won’t turn you into one. It’s a total fan-pleaser. You could argue how it would have been if a studio had funded it (maybe the same? maybe not?), but fact is: this film lacks the brilliance of the series. Which is a bit of a shame, but also kind of understandable of course. Where the series took it’s time to create great storylines and round interesting characters, the film’s storyline is flimpsy (with only 2 hours on the clock you have to move it along) and is mostly concerned with rounding up some loose ends from the series. It’s like a reunion, letting as much characters from the series pop up in a sensible way. I feel that trying to please the fans has been it’s main focus. It’s like opium for the fans!

Is that so bad? Well, certainly not. Because I’m a total fangirl and have to admit, they succeeded.
Here is everything I loved about it (and some things I HAVE TO TALK ABOUT):

♦ LOGAN. BODY. RIPPED. UNIFORM. NO WORDS. ‘You should only wear this’.
♦ That scene where Veronica goes “into the bat cave”. Loved it for so many reasons. And is it wrong for me to remember every piece of her wardrobe from the series? It was probably the best in series 3 (only good thing about series 3). If my life was a tv-show I would totally want her wardrobe.
♦ Dax Shephard and his cameo during the night club scene. Remember that rather creepy dude trying to lure Veronica on the dance floor? And her making a disgusted face in return? Well, that’s her real-life husband! (they are such a cute couple btw, you should look up that video from when Kristen Bell gets to meet a sloth for her birthday, it was on Ellen).
♦ Bad ass Veronica hitting Madison IN THA FACE. Very overdue. Amazing. Felt like getting revenge myself.
♦ I thought the FBI reference was very funny. A few years back they actually made a pilot for season 4 (it’s up on youtube, check it out) and it showed us how Veronica Mars was with the FBI. When Leo asks her about it, she says “well, maybe in another life?”.
♦ Where is Duncan? Still on a beach in Australia? And Lilly? Not even a small cameo? And why did they not get Leighton Meester back for Carrie Bishop? They should’ve just picked another character, now it felt “fake”.
♦ Dick Casablanca’s gets some hilarious lines in the film. He’s a total asshole, but dammit, also kind of loveable and oh, have I missed him.
♦ Bringing Pizz back felt REALLY unnecessary. What was that break-up anyway?! Really, really weird. They should’ve just left him out and let Veronica Mars be a single lady for a while.
♦ Weevil being married and having a cute kid, that’s one of the best “endings” they could have given him. After all, he’s been a true marshmallow all along. Wallace and Mac… well, I couldn’t determine if they ended up together? They also felt rather non-essential to the film, which is a shame considering their large roles in the series. Also, Wallace ending up as a high school teacher? Nothing wrong with that, except it would’ve been fun if he turned out to be a huge athlete.
♦ The dialogue and humour are still up to par. SO MANY QUOTABLE LINES. So many non-sensical references. That’s a big part of why I loved the show.

Dick Casablancas: Oh, hey look who it is!
[points to Mac]
Dick Casablancas: Most likely to blog.
[points to Veronica]
Dick Casablancas: And class buzzkill.
Veronica Mars: You are the one I was looking for, Most likely to know where I can find the bar.
Dick Casablancas: [gyrates hips] Doosh.
[plucks flask from his belt and offers it to Veronica and Mac]
Veronica Mars: Gross.
Cindy ‘Mac’ Mackenzie: No.

♦ The soundtrack is pretty great as well. That scene where they make out (YOU KNOW WHO I MEAN), damn. Let’s just say, great music choice. And the scene where they are driving over the bridge… you could almost feel the nostalgia and spell Veronica is under.

Ok, that was all.

The trailer:

If you’ve seen it, let me know what you think of it! :)

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4 Responses to The Veronica Mars film: opium for the fans

  1. Masha says:

    I skipped the spoilers, so I didn’t actually read anything.. ;) But I’m definitely planning on watching this film soon!



  2. Petra says:

    Now I had to skip this too. Coming back soon, after I finish the seasons AND the movie!



  3. tamara says:

    watched it yesterday and i loved it. i loved the show too.



  4. Petra says:

    Well, I finished it now and I totally agree with you. I loved seeing Wallace and Mac though, I would’ve totally missed them if they wouldn’t have appeared in the movie. Thanks for writing about the series, because that’s what caused me to watch it :)



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