vijf five fem points (about my week)

vijf five fem points (about my week)

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1) After talking about it for aaaaaagesssss, we finally took the time to take some pictures last week. Anne always persisted she’s a very camera shy person and that she has never looked pretty in a picture before (that’s A LIE you woman, you always look great! – although I know where you’re coming from, we are always a little more critical of our own camera faces). I was determined to prove her wrong and I think I succeeded pretty darn well… ;-) This picture is my fave!

2) Finally, it’s full on Christmas time! I took the tree out of storage (after having two real ones and all of the mess they created on the stairs up – and down – the past years, I just gave up and caved for a fake one last year…), hung in the lights, turned on the lights and then… NOTHING. Well, that was fun (not). Luckily I was able to run to the store, so the “ceremonial switching on the lights”-Skypedate with my boyfriend could still take place later that night. Who said long-distance relationships are hard?! ;) Another nice thing about christmas time: Jude Law in The Holiday. Sigh.

3) Fashionstuff. Rings. Turtlenecks. Very 90’s and cozy and somehow they make my hair look longer? Is that crazy? No?

4) This thursday I went to the cinema BY MYSELF (why yes, thank you, I would like an applause for my incredible act of bravery, thanks for asking). All of my friends were incredibly busy that night (or trying to tell me something…?) and I really wanted to go and see this film that they were showing in our local theatre. Quite the conundrum, let me tell you. Of course there was a very simple solution: going by myself. I ended up having a great time actually. First and foremost because of the film! It’s called “Pride” and wow, I really really loved it. I laughed, I cried (only a little, but still) and left the cinema with that amazing “gosh, this was brilliant, I am loving life at the mo, anything is possibleeee” feeling. Go and see it, you will NOT regret it, I promise. Here is the trailer.

(seriously, go see it)

5) This week, instead of constantly refreshing my instagramfeed and singing along with Stevie (In my underwear. Doing the dishes.), I decided to stop being a procrastinating student and finally face the facts: I have a thesis to write. Discovery of the week: we have a library in this town! No way! And there are actual people studying in there! Works wonders for my concentration. If you’re looking for me… that’s where I’ll be.

Have a nice week everyone :-) xx