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Cinema: The Great Gatsby (5 reasons to watch)

1. The story

The Great Gatsby is a classic, beautiful and tragic love story. For the ones that haven’t read the book: I don’t want to spoil too much about the story, but I do want to give a small synopsis. I probably won’t say anything that would not be on the back of the dvd case, but skip the next (small) part if you want to stay totally clueless ;) Anyway, what is it about and why is it so great? The Great Gatsby is a story told by Nick Carreway, who finds himself talking to his shrink about his past and his fascination with his old millionaire neighbour during his time in New York: Jay Gatsby. Gatsby lured Nick in with his lavish nouveau riche lifestyle, his mystery and glamorous parties, but Nick soon discovered that there was so much more to Gatsby’s story. Enter Daisy, the girl that Gatsby has been obsessed with for years and years. And somehow you know… this is not going to end well. Sounds a bit sad? Yes, it kind of is. But wow, it’s also so very beautiful. It touches on so many aspects of love (and life). The book (by F. Scott Fitzgerald) is a classic for a reason.

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5 reasons to start buying vinyl (warning: you may be mistaken for a hipster)

People may think you are a hipster, but what can I say, buying vinyl is fun! Here are five reasons why maybe you should start buying it too.

1. Turning it up is fun
There is something special about hopping that vinylrecord out of it’s sleeve and onto the turntable. It’s more of a conscious act (it has two sides and you have to turn it over after a few songs, so you have to keep paying attention ;)) which can make listening to music a real activity. The sound feels richer (although I must confess I know very little about soundstuff) and well, I don’t know… Somehow listening to Stevie on my iPod feels a lot different!

2. The hunt
The hunt for good vinyl is a big part of all the fun. Sure, you can order it online or go to your local recordstore (newly released albums are very easy to find that way), but if you are looking for something old or cheap, you are better off looking at flea markets or in someone’s attic. Those places are a goldmine! Preferably an attic of someone who lived through the sixties (by the way: I am SO jealous of them!). Of course you may also find a lot of junk that you first have to dig through, (I don’t know who the equivalent of Ronnie Tober is in the “English speaking world” , but I think it’s someone along the line of Paul Anka? Only waaaay less cool. Well, that kind of stuff), but trust me. You will thank me later, after you found a great edition of Bowie’s “Space Oddity” up in that dusty attic.

3. The covers
Every collector will haunt me down, murder me and roll me in plastic like Dexter for me saying this, but it has to be said: those covers look great on your wall. Sometimes you don’t have to use the cover and you can use the additional artwork you got with it. Buy some pretty frames at Ikea and frame them up! We have “Harvest” up on our wall and we also used to have “Rumours” up on there (both additional art).

4. Good music
There is so much good music out there! It may seem like a dead-ringer, however I think a lot of people sometimes forget about that. Go out and visit those places where they sell secondhand vinyl, roam the flea-markets, talk with the people behind their boots and I guarantee you: you will find some treasures. Listening to vinyl got me into Supertramp (also my boyfriends fault). And (again: collectors will kill me for saying this) even if you bought some vinyl you don’t like listening to, you can always use the artwork.

5. It is (can be) cheap
Not entirely unimportant: you can score these babies relatively cheap. If you go to the stores or buy newly released stuff, you most likely pay as much for vinyl as for an album on cd (or sometimes a bit more, if it’s limited edition or something), but on flea markets you can find them for a few euros/dollars a piece. Of course those are mostly always secondhand and can look a bit scruffy, though I find that (again) is part of the fun. I think we bought “Rumours” for only five euros… I won’t go as far as saying that was the best way I EVER spent five euros, yet it does have a good shot at being in the top five. It also won’t hurt as much when you bought something for two euros and it turns out to be awful.

There are a lot more reasons for buying vinyl, yet I hope I already convinced you with these five! Feel free to share your tips on where to get great vinyl or a story about your most treasured finds.

PS don’t forget to buy a recordplayer. it will come in handy ;-)

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Cinema: An Education

It’s 1961, Europe is recovering from World War II, you’re a sixteen year old girl and will soon go off to college. In Britain, the country where you live, most women just go to college to find a man and if you still want to work after your studies, then you probably will be a teacher and end up feeling just as miserable as during your studies. Why would you even go to college at all? That is the question that Jenny quite rightly asks herself, when she is being faced with making the most important decision in her sixteen-year-old life. For years she has been prepped by her father to go to Oxford and now that moment has finally arrived, but is it really what she wants?

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Cinema: A Single Man

Let’s take a time-machine and go back to the awesome sixties, with this beautiful film about the homosexual English professor George. In A Single Man (Tom Fords directorial debut) Ford tells us the story about a man who lost the love of his live and has great difficulty with moving on. I will not reveal too much, but I’ve also read the book (which I loved) and all I can say is that Ford does not disappoint us at all. It’s a perfect rendition of the book. And have I mentioned that it is beautiful? I dare say that, after Lost in Translation, this is probably my favorite film EVER.

Why, you ask? What’s so special about this film? Well, here are 3 very good reasons why you should go and watch it:
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Ginger & Rosa

Yesterday was movie-night, so we lit some candles and a fire and curled up on the couch. We watched this beauty, Ginger & Rosa. It was SUCH a pretty and inspiring movie. And also a bit heartbreaking.

Ginger & Rosa is a story about two best friends who share everything together, but slowly drift apart because of how different they turn out to be. It’s all set in the sixties, which was the time where the Cold War met the sexual revolution and nuclear bombs were a threat; it was the decade in which people were experimenting with how one should live. There was a whole generation who wanted to figure things out for themselves and who did not want to go down the traditional route. Ginger’s father is a perfect example of the sixties zeitgeist, who instead of apologizing to Ginger comes up with this “excuse”: ‘Antonymous thought, personal truth, freedom of action (…) these have been my guiding principles’. All nice words, but by doing so he hurt his daughter enormously. Everyone’s thinking about themselves, but who is thinking about Ginger? And, like Ginger asks throughout the movie, what about the world?!

Anyway, I can talk for hours about this, but let’s just watch the trailer:

It’s pretty right? I’m in a 60’s mood ever since (minus the nuclear war stuff – although, is it really different nowadays?). Too bad my wardrobe isn’t exactly 60’s proof, hmm… But I’ll be definitely wearing some winged eyeliner today.

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Yesterday, Tara made me remember how much I like to photograph.

She posed for me (no, not in a “draw me like one of your french girls” kind of way).

She gave me food (delicious potato soup- hey, she’s Irish).

Showed me her “new” home.

And she played me her pretty music.

She also made me leave her house with a camera full of amazing pictures. She’s way too modest to actually admit this herself, but she was born to be in front of the camera. Every picture I take of her I absolutely LOVE. Makes it so hard to choose! I’ll probably share some of them in the future (or if you’re really curious you can take a look at my instagram for a little sneak peek).

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