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Fairtrade and a lot of giggles

Because I’m supahfamous (not really), I get a lot of e-mails from companies who want to feature their product on this blog, either by organising a give-away or for me to write an advertorial about their product in exchange for money. Most of them I turn down, because they simply don’t “fit”, it’s as simple as that. But when Fairminds e-mailed me last week about the M-Brace, I though it might be something that WOULD fit with my blog. Fairtrade is certainly something I think is very important, I like the story behind the bracelet and I also thought the design was beautiful.

The fair trade jewelry line M-brace, the winning design from the Design Your Own Silver – Contest of Minds Fair, is a co-creation with Dutch design students, a fair trade supplier and the Mexican silversmith Vladimir. This particular bracelet, the M-Brace, was a design by Marlous and if you want you can check out a video about her and her visit to the Mexican silversmith’s workshop.

As you can see, the bracelet consists of a leather bracelet that you double wrap around your wrist and connect through the silver bead. I got the silver leaf, because I thought it was delicate and really beautiful, but they also have other beads to choose from. There was only one problem though: the bracelets are suitable for an average wrist between 16.5 to 18 cm and I have REALLY small wrists (hey, it’s not funny), so it was way too big for me. If you want you can easily costumize the bracelet by cutting of a piece of the leather and making a new hole of course, but not wanting to demolish the bracelet, I decided to look for someone with a regular wrist and who might like to have the bracelet. ENTER: MY SISTER. So, this friday, after a lot of giggling, I ended up with some pretty pictures and she ended up with a beautiful bracelet.

Here is a link to the M-brace in the webshop of Fairminds. You can also buy it at the stores WAAR and the Wereldwinkel. The M-Brace costs €25,95.

I did not get paid to write this. I did get the bracelet to shoot some pictures with (which I then used to bribe my sister into being my model ;)).

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GIRLS ♥ (the series)

GIRLS: some call it the new Sex and The City, others find it waaaay too explicit, some think it’s racist (because of the lack of colour in casting) and others just find it downright outrageous. Let’s just say this series is getting a lot of talk. And sure, some of it is probably true. It’s about four white women who live in NYC and you see a lot of tits. But it’s also so much more. Every time I watch an episode of GIRLS, I can’t get over the fact how smart and funny it actually is. It’s not for everyone (I would even understand it if you would tell me you hated it), but if you want to discover something new and original, this is it! Let me introduce you.


This is Hannah, the main character and incarnation of the “white girl problems” concept, played by actress, writer and feminist Lena Dunham (Lena is also co-writer and producer of GIRLS, together with Judd Apatow). She talks A LOT about herself, is very insecure and is constantly looking for confirmation from others. In the pilot episode, Hannah gets a rude awakening from her parents; they tell her that they are no longer going to support her financially. Shit! Do they not understand how lucky they are? She could be a drug-addict! Instead she just needs some time to finish up her book and make her unpaid internship evolve in a paid job. And yes, she needs 1200 bucks a month, she lives in New York City, what’s weird about that? All of her friends get help from their parents! But her parents are very firm: Hannah graduated two years ago, it’s time for her to stand on her own two feet. Luckily she’s not alone and has friends who not only support her but also make sure the bumpy ride into adulthood is fun one.


Jessa is the one you secretly want to be (the hair, the wardrobe, the accent, her laissez-faire “woman of the world”- attitude, it’s all so effortless), but at the same time you can’t quite grasp. She’s constantly looking for something or someone else and doesn’t seem to care about what others think of her. She’s so cool, she doesn’t even have facebook. Or at least, that’s the way she tries to portray herself to the outside world. I bet that, deep inside her, just like everybody else, she secretly wants to find security and discover her place in the world. Although you sometimes get the feeling she has already given up on that. In the mean time she is the girl who comes and goes as many times as she pleases. Sometimes quite literately.


Well, what to say about Shoshanna? I sometimes feel that Shoshanna is a bit too cray cray to be a REAL person, but on the other hand… She watches a lot of reality-tv (or tv in general, the poster of the four ladies from Sex and The City in her room is a nice nod to that addiction), talks in hilarious clichés and has crazy hairstyles. At the beginning of the series she’s a (GASP!) 21 year old virgin, can you imagine?! Everybody tells her it’s ok, but popular culture has obviously told her otherwise. She lives with Jessa though (who is her cousin), so with such a sexual creature around the house, the sex-part is bound to work out. Spoiler alert: it does! And that’s just the beginning of all the fun.


The most annoying character is without a doubt Marnie. Sure, you can feel for her and you can relate to her to a certain extent, but never have I ever seen a more selfish person than Marnie. She would be the side of myself I would desperately be trying to hide. She is insecure, a bit of a control freak, self-centred, feels entitled to happiness and thinks of herself as the pretty girl who can get away with anything. She is Hannah’s best friend and their friendship is a lot about shouting at each other about how selfish and self-centred they think the other one is. Well Hannah, you can be self-centred as well, but I think I’m on your side with this one. Marnie has some cute sides to her, but sometimes they are hard to find.

Are there any boys, you ask? YES, of course there are BOYS. And they are kinda cute:

If you’re still not convinced, here are three more reasons to watch GIRLS:

. There are no perfect people in Girls. Everybody has some issue or another and therefore it feels very honest and real. No perfect outfits, no limitless credit cards, no waking up with a full face of make-up or having sex with a bra on (seriously, who does that?!) or a sheet conveniently covering up the (god forbid!) NUDE parts. Instead we see real people, non-perfect people, with real problems and issues. And it’s totally ok.

. Hannah sets an example for women in not giving a rats ass about her waistline or not having a thigh gap. People joke about the amount of nakedness in GIRLS and especially the many nude scenes Lena plays, but I think she’s awesome for showing off how comfortable she is with her body.

. Great writing means great quotes.

I rest my case.

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Skin + hair

My interest in make-up is almost non-existent. Sure, I use it and I know a little bit about it, but it stops right about there. I like using make-up to ~enhance my features~ (hey, a girl’s gotta try) and to not scare the little children, but I only own two small eyeshadow pallets (five colours in total, all in earthy tones) a mascara, eyeliner, bronzer and eyebrow pencil. One of each. I just don’t like spending money on make-up, I don’t care for it that much.

Skincare and haircare is something else though. Not that I’m a big spender in that department (hey, a student’s gotta eat), but I do care for it a little bit more. Having great hair doesn’t suddenly make me a better person, nor does a glowy skin mean I’m a great person to hang out with, but I sure as hell will be nicer to look at. Taking care of those things seems just a very natural thing to do.

From the age of 12 to around 16 I had, like most teenagers (apart from the lucky few), a bad skin. A lot of acne on my face and on my back. It was awful, no matter what I did, nothing helped. Luckily I got rid of it (yay for birth-control) and because I know how much of an effect such a thing can have on your life, I even more appreciate the (almost) clear skin I have now. What I mean to say is this: if you see someone with a skin problem, this does not automatically mean they do not take good care of themselves. DUH! But yes, it has to be said. And for the few who are struggling with it now: hang in there. And: you’re beautiful :-)

Anyway *clears throat*, let’s move away from the TED talk, ontoooo my favorite skin and hair stuff. I like trading tips in this area, the more based on personal experience the better, so that’s why I wanted to share this with you today. If you have any tips yourself, please leave them in the comments!

1. Gliss Kur – Hair Repair Every Day Oil Elixer
This is probably the third flacon I bought of this stuff, not because you go through it that quickly, but because I realllly love it and use it almost everyday. One flacon lasts you probably 6-9 months, depending on the length of your hair. I like using it after washing my hair. One drop goes a long way and prevents my hair from getting frizzy and makes it look all shiny. Great stuff!

2. Lancaster Sun Beauty Care – SPF30 (face)
SPF is incredibly important to protect your skin from (too much) sun. This one has SPF30 and the price is about that number as well (29 euros), which is crazy for SPF (at least I think so), but is also the only one which doesn’t cause me to break out all over my face. So yes, great investment. Next time I’ll probably go for SPF50.

3. Avocado Oil & Walnut Exfoliating Mask by Face Food
I should probably do this more often: use a face mask. I ALWAYS forget about that stuff, even though I really enjoy using them. Nothing better than a hot bath, a face mask and a new episode of whatever is on that day (yes, I should probably put on an Enya cd and de-stress during my baths, but I’m way too hyper to just DO NOTHING). This one from Face Food feels very rich and makes your skin super soft. I don’t like eating avocado, but on mah face, well yes siree. Bring it on.

4. Jacob Hooy – Vitamine E-crème
As a daycream I like to use Clinique (see point 8), but as a nightcream this one is currently my favorite. It’s very rich and perfect for my dry skin. It’s too heavy for during the day (although sometimes I do use a tiny bit on my forehead and cheeks during winter or when I need to hydrate), which makes it perfect for during the night. And it’s cheap! Yay!

5. Himalaya Herbals Apricot srub
This apricot scrub smells great and does the job. You have to be careful, because it has large grains and you don’t want to harm your face. Therefore I would probably not use this everyday if I were you. Once a week and you’re good to go.

6. Gliss Kur Hair Repair Satin Relax Balsemspray
After washing my hair and before using my serum, I usually spray some of this in my hair. It makes it easier to comb through (NEVER comb while you hair is still wet though! Wait till it’s dry) and works against the frizzzz. Cheap, smells great and does the trick.

7. Estee Lauder Daywear Sheer tint release (SPF 15)
Two years ago this was my go-to product. My skin was acting up and I needed a little more coverage, but I LOATHE using foundation. Instead I went looking for a daycream with a colour. This was before the whole BB and CC cream craze, but there were already some daycreams on the market with a little colour in them. This one from Estee Lauder was a great find. Again, a little more expensive and you can probably find a better BB of CC cream on the market right now, but if you want to spend a little more… this is it. It smells great, gives you a little tint, has SPF in it and hydrates your skin.

8. Clinique face wash + daycream for dry skin
I read a lot of bad reviews about the 3 Step program by Clinique, about how it made people break out or get really dry patches. But I really love it! It works wonders for me. Ever since I began using this my face feels clean, clear and in general just looks better. At least I think so. I love how the daycream gets absorbed almost immediately by your skin and how the face wash doesn’t make your face feel “squeaky”. When I was at a workshop at Clinique headquarters with (1,5 years ago already, wow) they gifted us the whole 3 step program. It lasted me a year and after that I bought some myself. It is expensive, yes, but for me well worth the pay.

9. Clinique tonic
If I had to choose my all time favorite skincare product, THIS would be it. This face tonic is step 2 of the 3 step program, which means that you use it after the face wash. It makes my skin feel fresh and clean. It also makes my skin feel smoother. Whenever I forget to use this a few days I notice it immediately. It really makes a difference in my skin and that is well worth the money. Like I said above: some people have a bad experience with Clinique products, so that’s why I advice you to try it out first. It would be a shame if you bought a full-size and your skin reacts badly to it. Go for small size first! Or better yet: go to your local drugstore and ask for some samples.

10. Dove Pro-Age eyecream
The skin around my eyes is very dry and if I don’t use a cream I notice it immediatly. This one from dove is (relatively) cheap, hydrates and also has a pearlescent finish, which really opens up your eyes. Just be careful with using it allll around you eyes, because the shine can get a little crazy. I once made the mistake of rubbing it too far down my cheeks (“wellll why not, it hydrates and I have a bit left”). Turns out I looked like a clown with very pearlescent cheeks.

11. Chanel Chance Eau Fraîce
No skin or hair cair, but I already had included it in the picture and didn’t felt like photoshopping, hehe. For ages I wore Burberry Brit, but last year I felt like a change and I used a gift-card to buy this one. Chanel Chance Eau Fraîce. Expensive like hell, but it’s SO DELICIOUS. Unfortunately I used my last bit this morning :-(

From this list are excluded: my shampoo, because I’m in between shampoos right now and I still haven’t decided if I really like my current one (Dove intense repair) (I can’t believe I’m actually talking about shampooo on my blog) & my make-up remover cloths (they change every month) & my deoderant, because it’s boring and I don’t really have a favorite. Oh, and my boring bodylotion from Nivea.

Ok, now it’s your turn.

Ready, set, GO! Share your tips!

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Three movies that make me want to move my butt


When I was in Sweden I had no problem with going out for a run (almost) everyday. It only took me one step out of my building to be running among the trees, the weather was almost always great, I had some suitable music on my Ipod and all that just really made me love running outside. Somehow that great habit stopped being a habit when I came back home. Since then I went to the gym only twice, which is kind of embarrassing because I’ve been home for more than half a year…. Yes, you read that right! I did purchase new running thights two weeks ago, in hope of giving myself that “push”, but I’ve only wore them once… oops…

I kind of don’t mind not being a sporty type (I will probably never walk a marathon and I don’t mind a bit), but there are moments when I kind of wished I was in top shape. I know I have to be realistic (I’m not 100% healthy, although I’d rather not talk about that on my blog – this is my happy place ;) ), but seeing top-fit people around me and on screen, it makes me feel a bit jealous. I’d rather not see it that way though, and try to look at it in a positive way. I’d rather feel inspired! And that’s what happens when I watch these movies. It makes me want to hop into my new thights, put my hair up in a bun and work my ass off. And how about that great feeling afterwards? I love the feeling after a good work-out!

Here are the three movies that will maybe give you that little push as well (and if not, than that’s totally fine, they are enjoyable as it is)

Fast Girls (2012)
A girl from a bad neighbourhood in the UK lands a spot at the national running team and OF COURSE not everything goes as planned… Very cliché story, but one of the few “sporty” movies I’ve seen that’s not about dancing. Has a great soundtrack for getting you pumped up and contains a lot of fitspiration (normally I hate that word… but oh well). It’s a fairly new movie and I’m a bit suprised that it hasn’t gotten more press.

Make it Happen (2008)
Dancing! Yay! Story is a bore (girl from small town goes to big town to try and make it into super hard dance school), but the dancing is great (as far as I can tell… I’m not a professional of course). I really like that the lead character is not super skinny, just looking really healthy and owning it!

Step Up (2006)
I’m sorry, but if Jenna Dewan doesn’t make you want to dance, then I don’t know what will. Also: Channing Tatum. Woof!

! Let me clarify that for me it is not about being skinny, but about feeling healthy and fit and being comfortable in your own body! Being skinny or having curves, everyone is beautiful. No body-shaming here !

Anyway, I think I’m going for a run again next week. I’ve really missed it!

In other news: tomorrow it’s International Women Day! What are you doing to “celebrate”? I’ll be attending a lecture at our local library with a friend about the role of women in the Spring Revolution. Hope it’s interesting! :-)

* Loosely based on a Miley Cyrus lyric that’s been stuck in my head for days…

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a lot of 90’s hair, desperate women & cute british men: a list of cheesy movies

Being outside in autumn weather is only fun when there actually is a clear-blue sky and when everything is being kissed by that particular autumn sunlight (I sounded a bit cliché there, but hey, you now probably know exactly what I meant, right?). Unfortunately we can’t always be that lucky. Yesterday I went outside for five minutes and it was raining so hard, I gave up and decided to go back in. Blegh, rain, me no gusta! When it’s raining and cold and windy, all I want to do is curl up on the couch, light some candles, drink some tea (or maybe a pumpkin spice latte?) and read a book or watch tv. Yesterday I thought about how I would really like to have a list of fun movies I could watch. Don’t you? ……..

(I’m awful at building suspense)

Ta-da! Consider this a present from me, to you. A list with all of my favorite cheesy movies (all fabricated in the last twenty-five years) in which stereotypes are constantly emphasised and reinstated and Julia Roberts has awsome hair (can you believe that Pretty Woman is already 22 years old?!). On this list are not only movies from the time when J.Lo still had an “acting career”, but it also has some dances movies on it, funny movies and, ok, maybe a few movies for children (I’m sorry but I love The Parent Trap and I STAND BY MY CHOICE). When you’re bored and are in search for a simple but fun to watch movie, this is your list! It’s also perfect for spotting patterns. Apparantly a lot of actresses have succeeded in branding themselves as the “hey I’m fun, cast me in an other stereotypical movie about a very succesful but unhappy in the love-department” woman. (Katherine Heigl, Kate Hudson, Cameron Diaz… anyone?)

Anyway, here is a list of 35 fun and easy to watch movies (in no particular order), all accompanied with a synopsis written by yours truly.

1. Save the Last Dance

Julia Stiles goes to a new school after her mother dies, feels the odd one out, cries a lot, wears some freaky hairstyles and (of course) dances. This movie also has some cool R&B music and a happy ending.

2. Mean Girls
Lindsay Lohan moves back from Africa to the US and tries to fit in with the american high school life. Miserably fails (at first), then succeeds (well, sort of) and wears a lot of skimpy dresses in the process. This movie is also good for a lot of one-liners which will come in handy in your everyday life. Written by Tina Fey (do I need to say more?).

3. 10 Things I hate about you
Heath Ledger and Julia Stiles battle it out in this Shakespeare inspired movie. Heath is a cutie in this and well, Julia can look really mean, brr.

4. She’s all that
Oh you know, just an other ugly duckling story about a nerdy girl (already drop dead beautiful, no matter how bad they dress her up, because let’s be honest, how ugly can Rachael Leigh Cook really look?), a pretty boy, a bet about prom-night, suddenly some real feelings (uh-oh!) and of course the obligatory dramatic moment that follows. And in the end… well… you know how it ends.

5. How to lose a guy in 10 days
I LOVE Kate Hudson. She’s awsome and fun! Anyway, in this movie she’s asked to write about how you can lose a guy in 10 days. She thinks it’s going to be a piece of cake, but of course she rans into the wrong guy. Matthew McConaughey isn’t going to give up that easily!

Lees verder…

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There must be a Sofia anonymous group I can join?

The Virgin Suicides. Yes, another one by Sofia Coppola… I just can’t help it. I love this dreamy film with Kirsten Dunst about fading memories, mystery, growing up, love, melancholy & life in general (originally it’s a book – which reminds me: I should read it asap). With all of it’s pretty colours and shots, it ~inspired~ me (ahem) to make this collage. I don’t want to write a lot about it and give too much away though. You should just go and see it for yourself! It also has a lot of pretty music. You will love it, trust me.

Click here if you want to see the trailer.

Have a lovely sunday :)

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Instagram, Willy Wonka & my life

I’m sure you already know this, but just in case you haven’t heard: everyone is allowed to have feelings and I am a woman, so I have them a lot, ok? About everything! Yes, even about something as futile as Instagram. Mixed feelings to be exact. On the one hand I think it’s a ridiculous way to be even more self-absorbed than on facebook. A collection of a hundred instagram pictures of your daily food intake and some awkward mirror shots? HOW GREAT! I think this picture sums it up perfectly, thank you Wonka. But, let’s not be a party-pooper. On the other hand I also have very warm fuzzy feelings for instagram. It’s really fun to have a little diary on you phone, filled with cute pictures of your life. And hey, did you know: you too can now have a glamourous life! Instagram makes everything look like it costs a million bucks and instantely turns everyone into a supermodel.

I also like to think of Instagram as a great go to for the lazy blog masses. It’s a perfect way to let your visitors know about your day or week, without doing any extra work. Well, sort of. Because I’m a perfectionist, and it usually takes me about two hours to decide which pictures should be next to each other. But otherwise, it can be very quick! You may consider this post a demonstration of said fact.

Drinking coffee with my boyfriend in town – Not knowing what to wear and always ending up in the same old boring outfit – Haarlem, “my town” for the past 3 years, time flies! – Breakfast in bed with a latte caramel and yoghurt with swedish cereal, yum!

On monday I met up with Annemerel in The Hague to shoot some pictures, shop and drink tea. It was a lot of fun! Also spotted some important politicians, but of course I tried to act ~cool~ so I refrained myself from acting all fangirly, THANK GOD – Yesterday I felt like dressing up preppy. My boyfriend always laughs at me when I say this, but I’m sort of bummed out that I was never able to wear a schooluniform. I watch too much Gilmore Girls…

My current desktop background. I love the Virgin Suicides! Really need to do a post on that one, hmm… – This weekend I went over to Nathalie for some WINE and dine. We now have this theory that we should start the day with one glass, and then all will be fine ;-)

Whenever I look out of our window, I see this beautiful orange tree. I never really loved fall, but this year I’m really feeling it. – Probably my favorite outfit at the moment. Did only wear it once in two weeks, so I’m doing good people.

Oh, and yes, I’m just throwing it out there: I decided to quit school, it just wasn’t for me. I won’t bore you with all the details, but I’m glad with this decision. To prevent myself from dying with boredom, I try to fill my days with lot’s of fun stuff to keep me busy and of course I’m already thinking about which step I want to take next. Today I’m going to Utrecht to find out more about a Master I am interested in. If I’m lucky I will be able to start school again in february. Only 3 months to kill… musn’t be a problem ;-)

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