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Yesterday, Tara made me remember how much I like to photograph.

She posed for me (no, not in a “draw me like one of your french girls” kind of way).

She gave me food (delicious potato soup- hey, she’s Irish).

Showed me her “new” home.

And she played me her pretty music.

She also made me leave her house with a camera full of amazing pictures. She’s way too modest to actually admit this herself, but she was born to be in front of the camera. Every picture I take of her I absolutely LOVE. Makes it so hard to choose! I’ll probably share some of them in the future (or if you’re really curious you can take a look at my instagram for a little sneak peek).

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So, for those of you who have been following my blog for a while now, you’re probably wondering how it all went down with me living in Sweden for six months. Well, I LOVED IT. And I miss it, because Sweden is awsome. I have been back for almost three weeks now and it feels super weird. Mostly I’m really glad to be back (in my apartment, with my boyfriend, being able to do grocery shopping without having to contemplate EVERY purchase because of that damn swedish kronar – hey what can I say, I love a full refridgerator), but sometimes it seems like Sweden was just one big dream that never happened. And that is scary, because it makes me wonder if I really took it all in and really enjoyed it as much as I could, you know? But I know this is something that probably happens to everyone who comes back after a long vacation/ around the world trip/living abroad for six months and therefore I try not to worry about it. It will come back to me and I will feel like a sane person again. Everything just has to fall into place.

Until then, I love to listen to these two swedish hippie girls. Watching this clip makes me think of Sweden and it’s beautiful nature, especially the woods of Småland (if this clip turns out to be shot somewhere out of Sweden, you can laugh at me really hard and I’d probably join you). It also brings me back to all the restless first nights I had in my little room at the beginning of my exchange. It feels ages ago! Anyway, enough talking.

Oh, and yeah, although to me they will always be “the two hippie girls”, other people know them as First Aid Kit (probably comes in handy if you ever want to look up some of their other music).

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