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Under the weather

Hi! How are you?

It’s been a bit quiet around here and I just wanted to let you know that it’s because I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather. I had to get two of my wisdom teeth removed the past week (or molars as some would call them) and one side of my face now feels like a big fat truck drove straight into it. Most people told me it was going to be fine, so I went in being rather optimistic. BUT, when I entered the room, the surgeon took a look at my x-ray, shook his head and said, WELL, this is going to be a tough one! All while making a bloated face and shaking his hands near his cheeks, miming for them to get bigger. So nice to hear… AHEM. He even let me choose which side I wanted him to start on first. Instead I just shook my head in fear and said: well, whatever you think is best (YOU JUST TOLD ME THIS WAS GOING TO BE AWFUL, JUSTGETTHISOVERWITH).

I’m not going to sugarcoat it: it was rather awful. The upper-right one? Out of my mouth in less than 10 seconds. The lower-right one? They had to cut it in three parts and it felt like they removed it with one of these god-awful things. The most fun part?! In less than a month the other two have to be removed as well! GASP!!!

As you can see they have yet to remove my dramatic streak.

Ha, just kidding, I’m fine. But the part about the truck is true, it still hurts like a mo-fo. Here are a few things that helped me through this boring week (because I’m vain like that and I didn’t feel like going outside looking like a russian guinea-pig that’s been hoarding for winter-time and wasn’t even smart enough to use both cheeks)

Hope you are all well!

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The first week of january

Monday morning started early with a visit to Amsterdam. As you can see it was rather wet. Where is my snow?! ❆ We finally bought a frame! I got this poster at the Modern Museum in Malmö for my 22nd birthday. ❆ Passing Rotterdam on our way to my family in Zeeland. ❆ Owls are cute! This one has a place on our mantelpiece.

Nothing better than a crisp new shirt you found in sale.

On New Year’s Eve we had a little photoshoot with my new camera, a passe partout and our friend/sister. It was really really fun and we ended up with a lot of great pictures! (I only included our picture because I don’t know if the others would like to be on the internet ;))

A very pretty sky. ❆ A picture I took at the beach. ❆ A really healthy omelette. Balances out all of the Big Macs I’ve been eating lately… whoops #sorrynotsorry ❆ STUDYTIME. Not cool. Also: literally five minutes after this picture was taken I knocked over my coffee. Bye bye clean table cloth (which was actually an old curtain, so who cares right).

The past week has been a bit boring actually! Of course I could’ve been smarter and plan a bit better, but instead I had to work like crazy this week to be able to meet my deadlines. Who sets those things RIGHT AFTER Christmas break in the first place…?! That’s just bad manners! Ahem. Anyway, because of said deadlines I was stuck to my laptop these past few days, typing away and staring at the ceiling in despair and typing again and then, when sunday came, I sent it in, right on the twelve o’clock dot (PM that is). And that’s about as exciting as my week would get.

At the moment, as we speak, I should actually be doing work for my other deadline this week. It’s master thesis time and on thursday we have to present our idea to a small panel of other students (again, my life is so exciting). The good news is: I have determined a subject. The bad news is: I still haven’t been able to formulate a real ~question~ from which to conduct my research (pooh, had a bit of difficulty with translating the term there, but let’s just leave it at that). It’s the most difficult part I think! Hope it will come to me when reading up about it.

Of course, me being inside and stuck behind my laptop for most of the time, also means a lot of procrastinating has been done. Here are some things I found and like to share:

Probably my life saver this week: the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. I know, I know, super geeky and whatevs, but if it’s good enough for Orlando Bloom, then it’s good enough for me (j/k, Lord of the Rings is awesome, just like Orli’s butt). Something about that music even makes essay writing an EPIC event (just as epic like… well, no, I’m not going to make that joke). ♥ THE NEW VERONICA MARS FILM IS ALMOST HERE!!! Watch the trailer over here. ♥ Just a few more nights of sleep and then there will also be a new episode of GIRLS! I’m so excited for the new season. Here’s a teaser. ♥ It’s a bit difficult to read a lot when you’ve been studying all day, but I do manage to read 1 or 2 chapters of Hilary Clinton’s book every day without falling asleep. I hope she will publish a book about her time as a Secretary of State soon! But maybe she’s too busy with running for president..? ;) ♥ I really like that Kim has been blogging a lot more lately! Go check that out if you want! :) ♥

Music, mix the bourgoise and the rebelllll, yeahhh ♫

I have been on a real David Bowie binge the past few days. This is probably one of my favourite songs. Did you know that the song is about two lovers who are separated by the Berlin Wall? Bowie wrote it in 1977 during his stay in West-Berlin.

Have a good week everyone ♥

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stud•y verb >> to apply oneself to learning

When I was younger I read a lot of books, loved to study and always got good grades. Hermione Granger was probably my biggest example. I thought it was so cool how she knew everrrrything and was always one step ahead of the boys. She kicked ass and she was awesome doing so! Being a nerd suddenly wasn’t so bad anymore.

Nowadays I’m up to my eyeballs in study material and I have to say… sometimes I feel like throwing those books out of the window. I still have one or two years to go though! Luckily I can draw from five years of past experience. That still doesn’t mean I always study when I should. Whoops. Sometimes you just need a little kick in the butt to finally go and finish up that essay. At least I know I do.

Well, attention fellow students! Here are some tips and tricks I picked up on along the way. Some things are probably very “The Pope is catholic” and “Miley has a tongue (and likes to show it)”, other things are the ones I wish I had known about sooner. Maybe you will get something from it as well or maybe you won’t. What might work for me, might not work for you. Feel free to leave your own tips and tricks in the comments. Let’s go!

1. plan ahead and manage the workload by dividing it into smaller pieces
The prospect of having to write a thesis or just a regular big essay can be a bit daunting. Doing research, deciding on a research subject, doing some more research, coming up with a writing structure and of course: the actual writing. The thing I always try to do when faced with such a daunting task is dividing it into smaller tasks. Sounds super simple and yes, it kind of is!

Let’s say I have an essay due in three months, but have to present it to my class the third week of november and I haven’t started yet (this is just hypothetical…… of course… ahem). Instead of being intimidated and freaking out and writing everything in the last week, I try to make it easier for myself and plan ahead. On monday I look up three sources and on tuesday as well. That’s all I do for that day, nothing more, nothing less. On thursday I try and come up with a structure for my essay. On saturday I write an introduction and on sunday I assign myself to write 200 words. These are all very small and manageable tasks. Instead of freaking out about having to write a whole essay and because of that freak-out not having done anything at the end of the day, this is a way better solution. This also works for exams or any other schoolwork. I use this method all the time and can’t do it any other way now. Way better for my blood pressure ;-)

This is going to be annoying and I’m going to sound just like your teacher, but it has to be done: read the assigned literature!!! Do it!!! Not only will it help you keep up with what’s being said in class, you will also be able to process it better (because it’s not all new to you, you’ve read about it already!). As a result you will get more out of your class. And let’s not forget about that exam that’s coming up at the end of the course. For this one class I’m taking I have to read an average of 300 pages a week and it’s all scientific literature. It’s kind of boring and well, let’s just say it’s no Harry Potter. Imagine you had to read all that in the few days you have before your exam. My exam is coming up in two weeks and if I hadn’t kept up with all of the reading by now, wow… That would be awful. I would probably feel the same as Harry when he had to come up with a spell to swim under water for 1,5 hours… (Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire reference, sorry non-Potterheads). Long story short: just read the assigned literature! And in my experience it also helps to print everything instead of reading it of the screen. You can write in the margins and get little sticky notes to highlight the important pages.

Lees verder…

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About the first week of September

Hey you! How are you? I can’t believe it’s September already! The leaves will soon begin to fall, the air will get colder and those white pants will have to disappear into to back of your closet. WINTER IS COMING… Only three more months till we’re taking selfies in front of a big decorated tree and Chris Rea will be driving home for Christmas (again). But enough of that, we still have three months to go ;-)

I started my classes this week. I only take two courses, but the workload is much heavier than I could’ve anticipated (just like the prices I had to pay for my books, gasp). Luckily it’s all very interesting and it makes me really excited to go to work and study my ass off. The first class I’m taking is a mandatory one called “History of international relations” and the second one is about Asia, “International relations and the rise of Asia”. That one is particularly fun because of the teacher, who has a lot of expertise and passion for his subject. The fact that I know near to nothing about Asia does make it a bit of a challenge, but I say: bring it on! Another big plus: we will also be taking a field trip to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I’ve been to The Hague before to visit the National Archives, The Peace Palace and the ICTY (and Annemerel of course, also important ;)), but the Ministry will be a first for me. I’m excited!

Things I ♥’d this week

I finished reading a great book this week: Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s autobiography. In it she tells us about her life and she also raises a lot of interesting points that are still VERY relevant today. I’m always amazed at how, after I’ve read these kind of books, it makes me think about the world and how the knowledge I gain from it turns out to be very applicable in real life discussions. Of course I’m always reading these sort of books the way I would read every other publication; with a healthy dose of skepticism. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be valuable knowledge! ♥ “We are the Millers” was way funnier than I thought it would be. No masterpiece, but entertaining nonetheless. ♥ Australia’s Next Top Model started again, yay! It’s the only cycle I still watch. Beautiful girls and photoshoots. ♥ Wednesday evening I went out for an icecream with a friend (my boyfriend was still at school :( he makes such long hours) and while we were driving along the coast we saw the most beautiful sky. I just had to get out and take a picture! It took me a bit longer than I thought (god, that was some steep hill leading me to the beach) and yes, the pictures turned out way less beautiful than I wanted them to be, but wow, it was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Above you can see my attempt to capture it. ♥ I’ve been a bit obsessed with Louise of sprinkleofglitter. I love her videos! Especially her “heart to heart” ones. She seems to be such a sweet and honest person. She also has a cute blog. ♥ Thursday I met up with Nathalie for a picnic along the water. It was great to catch up with her and somehow picnics are even better along the water, right?

And, because this of course would not be complete without a song:

It’s by Lorde and is called “Royals” :)

Have a great weekend everyone! xoxo

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5 reasons to start buying vinyl (warning: you may be mistaken for a hipster)

People may think you are a hipster, but what can I say, buying vinyl is fun! Here are five reasons why maybe you should start buying it too.

1. Turning it up is fun
There is something special about hopping that vinylrecord out of it’s sleeve and onto the turntable. It’s more of a conscious act (it has two sides and you have to turn it over after a few songs, so you have to keep paying attention ;)) which can make listening to music a real activity. The sound feels richer (although I must confess I know very little about soundstuff) and well, I don’t know… Somehow listening to Stevie on my iPod feels a lot different!

2. The hunt
The hunt for good vinyl is a big part of all the fun. Sure, you can order it online or go to your local recordstore (newly released albums are very easy to find that way), but if you are looking for something old or cheap, you are better off looking at flea markets or in someone’s attic. Those places are a goldmine! Preferably an attic of someone who lived through the sixties (by the way: I am SO jealous of them!). Of course you may also find a lot of junk that you first have to dig through, (I don’t know who the equivalent of Ronnie Tober is in the “English speaking world” , but I think it’s someone along the line of Paul Anka? Only waaaay less cool. Well, that kind of stuff), but trust me. You will thank me later, after you found a great edition of Bowie’s “Space Oddity” up in that dusty attic.

3. The covers
Every collector will haunt me down, murder me and roll me in plastic like Dexter for me saying this, but it has to be said: those covers look great on your wall. Sometimes you don’t have to use the cover and you can use the additional artwork you got with it. Buy some pretty frames at Ikea and frame them up! We have “Harvest” up on our wall and we also used to have “Rumours” up on there (both additional art).

4. Good music
There is so much good music out there! It may seem like a dead-ringer, however I think a lot of people sometimes forget about that. Go out and visit those places where they sell secondhand vinyl, roam the flea-markets, talk with the people behind their boots and I guarantee you: you will find some treasures. Listening to vinyl got me into Supertramp (also my boyfriends fault). And (again: collectors will kill me for saying this) even if you bought some vinyl you don’t like listening to, you can always use the artwork.

5. It is (can be) cheap
Not entirely unimportant: you can score these babies relatively cheap. If you go to the stores or buy newly released stuff, you most likely pay as much for vinyl as for an album on cd (or sometimes a bit more, if it’s limited edition or something), but on flea markets you can find them for a few euros/dollars a piece. Of course those are mostly always secondhand and can look a bit scruffy, though I find that (again) is part of the fun. I think we bought “Rumours” for only five euros… I won’t go as far as saying that was the best way I EVER spent five euros, yet it does have a good shot at being in the top five. It also won’t hurt as much when you bought something for two euros and it turns out to be awful.

There are a lot more reasons for buying vinyl, yet I hope I already convinced you with these five! Feel free to share your tips on where to get great vinyl or a story about your most treasured finds.

PS don’t forget to buy a recordplayer. it will come in handy ;-)

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The past ten days (bits and piecies)

Photosession with Tara, yay! She is definitely my favorite person to shoot with. We shot pictures inside her house and some by the sea. This is one of my favorites. ✝ Our street has been covered with pink blossom and this tree is the one who’s responsible for it. ✝ It’s moving time again! I decided I wanted to get rid of some clothing so I cleaned out my closet. If I’m not going to wear it, I’d rather have someone else enjoying them. ✝ I also found these babies! Totally forgot I had them.
Another picture from when I was shooting with Tara. I borrowed a camera from a friend so we could shoot some clips of her playing her music which she then could send to her family in Ireland. Scroll down if you want to hear one of her songs. ✝ I paid a visit to the optician and got some new glasses. I’ll have to wait two weeks for them to arrive, bugger… I’ll show you when I’ve got them :)

(Tara is a bit shy, so she’s probably going to kill me when she sees her face plastered all over this page)

(I don’t care)

She said she felt brave today, so I was granted the permission (he he) to make the youtube clips public. Here you go, here is one of her songs:

PLEASE IGNORE MY POOR VIDEO (EDITING) SKILLS. I decided to try and zoom in at the end, BAD IDEA, lol.

I had a really hard time choosing which one I would show. Eventually I chose this one because I love how it feels like a very honest and cute song. It’s not really my story to tell, but listen to it and you’ll know what it’s about. Go check it out at my youtube channel (eventually she will have them up on her own channel, this was just for easy sharing purposes).

Speaking of (being) green: I really love how everything is turning green outside. It all happened over the course of one weekend. Suddenly it looked like summer! Too bad it’s been raining ever since.

– other stuff –

Anne took me to see The Great Gatsby as a birthday present this week and whoaahhh… it was amazing. I really loved it! I was a bit worried when I saw the trailer that it would simply be too much for me (director Baz Luhrmann has a really distinctive way of filmmaking), but I was pleasantly surprised! ♥ My two favorite songs from the soundtrack of The Great Gatsby: Lana del Rey with Young and Beautiful & Florence + The Machine with Over the Love ♥ A friend of mine showed me and now I’m seriously hooked (also, please don’t call me Shirley). I have an app on my phone and I keep checking it every few minutes. A few gems: IamA, were you can ask questions to people who have something to tell (like a refugee from north Korea or a police officer or someone who has a few days left to live), the“funny” tag or the one about politics. ♥ I drove FOUR hours this week and I’m finally getting the hang of it (sort of). Atleast I haven’t killed anyone yet. ♥ My work-out clothes have not seen daylight this week. Yes, I’m a lazy bum. And I reallly don’t care. ♥ We don’t know what we should do with our vacation! Warsaw and Krakow or being lazy on a beach somewhere? (whitegirlproblems) ♥ “When I look at you a Coldplay song plays in my heart”, haha! I love GIRLS! (the series. Sorry ladies.) ♥ One of my best friends is getting married and she asked me to be her “best man”! Wow, such an honor! I’m very happy for them :) ♥ The final episode of The Office aired last week… what can I say? It was just the way I wanted it to be, or maybe even better. I’m not going to spoil it for you, no worries! Just want to say it was great. ♥

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a house to pack….. Pfffff. Have a nice weekend everybody xx

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Cinema: A Single Man

Let’s take a time-machine and go back to the awesome sixties, with this beautiful film about the homosexual English professor George. In A Single Man (Tom Fords directorial debut) Ford tells us the story about a man who lost the love of his live and has great difficulty with moving on. I will not reveal too much, but I’ve also read the book (which I loved) and all I can say is that Ford does not disappoint us at all. It’s a perfect rendition of the book. And have I mentioned that it is beautiful? I dare say that, after Lost in Translation, this is probably my favorite film EVER.

Why, you ask? What’s so special about this film? Well, here are 3 very good reasons why you should go and watch it:
Lees verder…

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